distntdeath1 - Application

Please post your application here, using the correct form. Please post your introduction first.
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distntdeath1 - Application

Post: # 603Post Christie777
Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:17 pm

distntdeath1 - Originally posted on 22 Dec 2016, 21:38 #1

Runescape Name: Distntdeath1
Real name/call me: Tim
Played Runescape Since: 2003ish
Total Score: 2305
Age: 27
Nescio members supporting this application: Christie777
Previous clan: - reason for leaving: The Chosen - The owner left and everyone went their separate ways.
Main reason for wanting to join: Looking for a friendly clan with people to chat with while I skill
Favorite skill: Slayer
Least favorite skill: Runecrafting
I live in (place/country and time zone): time zone is Z+3
At the moment I play about (hrs/week): 10-13
My next goal is: 99 wc, dung, or fishing
I wish to add the following remark(s):

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Re: distntdeath1 - Application

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Sun Aug 26, 2018 3:19 pm


Eminaevoli - 23 Dec 2016, 02:43 #2
Yay! Good to see your application Tim. If you need/want a second 'supporting' person, count me in!

Mad Mordegai - 23 Dec 2016, 02:46 #3
I will endorse the application too! :yees
"Blessed be the mind that is too small for doubt"

Christie777 - 23 Dec 2016, 03:20 #4
Thank you very much Tim for posting your application. I endorse it as well :yees

Lillsanity - 25 Dec 2016, 00:39 #5
I know we run in different time zones but the few times we have been on together i have found you to be very friendly, helpful and considerate of others.
So yes i endorse this application :beer

Bran tay - 26 Dec 2016, 16:15 #6
Nice guy. Nice addition!

Christie777 - 26 Dec 2016, 19:12 #7

Hey Tim :)

Welcome to Nescio as an official trial member. You will be a trial member for as long as it takes for every member or at least the majority of members to get to know you better, in normal circumstances we try to keep it limited to about one week. This period may be longer when members or you are not online, in chat or on the forums a lot.

You will be required to make at least 5 more posts during the trial period. We also recommend you take part in at least one event.

Next to an update of your rank on the friends chat of Nescio, you will also receive access to the clan chat, with the appropriate three banana rank. Please be aware that during times of recruitment we will be making use of the friends chat more, unless there are clan matters to discuss and there are guests in the friends chat. To receive your rank, access to the clan chat and pick up your clan colors (the cloak and vexilium) you will be welcomed to the clan in person by one of the admins in game.

At the end of your trial period, the members will take a vote concerning your acceptance as full Nescio member.