"I wish to post an introduction"

General information about the Runescape clan Nescio
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"I wish to post an introduction"

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Sat Aug 18, 2018 12:22 am

If you talked with some of the people in the chat (fc: go2mycc), please feel free to post an introduction. This is how it works:

1. Register on this forum. The link to the registration form can be found in the right upper corner or below the index page.
2. Register with your exact Runescape Name, so we can acquire some of your account data from Runescape and we can recognize you in game as well
3. DO NOT (!!!) and DO NEVER (!!!) use the same password as you use for Runescape!!!

Notify one of the admins in game that you registered so your registration can be validated. After validation you can post an introduction.

To post an introduction, go to the Forum section Introductions and Applications. Go to the Introductions forum section. Click 'New Topic' in the right upper corner.

Topic Title: Type your Runescape Name
Topic Description: Type 'introduction' or for instance 'hello all'.

For the body of the text here are some things you may wish to share:
Your gender,
your name or how you would like to be called,
your age and where you are from (at least your timezone),
what you do in real life,
how long you have been playing Runescape and
what your favorite skills or least favorite skills are,
how you found us and what your plans are.

An example is this:
"Hello all, my name is Supahskillah, but you may call me Supah or Dave. I am a 24 year old archeology student from Bristol UK. My time zone is GMT + 0. In real life I like to go out with my friends and play runescape.

I've been playing Runescape on and off for 6 years now and I most like woodcutting and slayer. My next target is to get 99 slayer. I hate Runecrafting most... I saw the Nescio call for members on the general forum and thought I'd pop in and have a look, also in the chat. I think it will help me not falling asleep while I am skilling...

Hope to meet you all in game soon!"

See, it doesn't have to be very long or complicated.

And for people who really have no inspiration:
Hello all, my Runescape name is .........................., but you can call me ........... (or irl ...........). I am a .. year old (female/male) from (place, country). My time zone is ........ In real life I am a (occupation/profession/etc) and in my time off I like to (hobbies). (Add anything you would like to tell us more about you and your personal life).

I have been playing Runescape for ... years/months and I particularly like the skill(s) ........................... I dislike the skill(s) ....................... My next goal is to .....................

I found Nescio (where/how) and my reason for this introduction is ...................... (what do you think to get out of Nescio, what do you hope to find here)

(Say something nice at the end)
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