Dungeoneering week - Start

Nescio's friendly non competitive skilling competition
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Dungeoneering week - Start

Post: # 1375Post Christie777
Fri Oct 05, 2018 5:53 pm

Dungeoneering week starts today, i.e. on Friday, October 5th, 2018 at 6 pm (UTC). The following skills are counted for this skill week: Dungeoneering.

Good luck Angie & Crabby :yes: I hope some more of clan mates will want to participate in this skill week :halo:

Note: My skill week tracker doesn't work so if you want in at a later point just tell me your starting xp and I will add you. I always like to have even more mates in this competition.

You can also use the World Time Zone Map to check your local time zone.


Not allowed (plz let me know if use them so I can deduct them in my spreadsheet):
Effigies, penguin points, troll invasion points, all stocked rewards from for instance quests and minigames (like SW zeal, flash powder factory points and PC commendations, lamps from the world event, and also previously cashed and stocked bonus xp for the skill(s).


Any aura (JOT, Wisdom Festive), SOF lamps and non substantial direct XP from SOF (but only in case you do not buy them), Fealty reward from Clan cape, daily challenge bonuses. Bonus xp from the Citadel does not need to be subtracted.

If you have or will be using bonus XP on the competition skills, please let me know how many you have at the beginning of the skill week.

Total XP gained: 0
Normal levels gained: 0
Virtual levels gained: 0
Total 99 capes gained: 0
Runescape nameStarting xpStarting lvlCurrent xpCurrent lvlXP gainedNormal lvls gainedVirtual lvls gainedMost exp gained% of total xpRanking
Mista Crabby110,811,746120110,811,746120000-0.00%1

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