Dungeoneering week - Day 6

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Dungeoneering week - Day 6

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Thu Oct 11, 2018 4:46 pm

There are no changes since yesterday's update so I just copied Day 5 results :think: Go go mates - 1 day left to gain some more xp and levels! :yes:

Total XP gained: 3,378,299
Normal levels gained: 1
Virtual levels gained: 0
Total 99 capes gained: 0
Runescape nameStarting xpStarting lvlCurrent xpCurrent lvlXP gainedNormal lvls gainedVirtual lvls gainedMost exp gained% of total xpRanking
Mista Crabby110,811,746120113,080,3971202,268,65100-67.15%1

P.S. It is never late to join. :think: Please let me know your starting xp and level :ghost

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