DXP weekend (November 2018) - Starts

Nescio's friendly non competitive skilling competition
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DXP weekend (November 2018) - Starts

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Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:03 pm

DXP started today, November 16, 2018. Good luck to all and wish you to avoid any stress during this dxp weekend :yes: I tracked starting xp and levels for all of us and want to remind you that THIS IS NOT DXP COMPETITION. The purpose of this nice tracker is to let us know how many xp and real levels we will be able to gain together :cool: hope this dxp weekend will bring us a lot of fun and good skilling together no matter how much time we will be able to be online ;-) Enjoy your time :hug:

As I get xp and level numbers from official Runescape HiScores I can't track virtual levels this time.

Read on for full details of the event here.

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