Procedure to become a member

The rules of the clan Nescio while in game and on the forum
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Procedure to become a member

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To become a member of Nescio, please first read the Clan Membership Requirements and the Clan Rules.

If you join our friends chat, it is highly appreciated if you also post an introduction in the forum "Introductions". You can find a form and example here.

If you joined the friends chat you probably soon will have or already received a rank. When you did not post an introduction after 2 weeks, you will be asked to do so. It is your right to refuse, at which point one of the possible actions may be that you either wait a bit longer, or that your status is set to a smiley, or is removed.

After you posted an introduction, we would expect an Application within one month. If you did not post an application, we will assume you are not willing or ready to join our clan, and your rank will be removed. At best you will receive a smiley. Ranks are only for members and people who are potential future members.

Application to trial membership:
In becoming a member, we will require you to be active and interactive with the trial and full Nescio members. They are the ones voting on your trial- and later full membership. Usually we try to limit the period between application and vote to maximum one week. The voting will take three days and usually have at least one day in the weekend. We ask you to join at least one event if possible.

From trial to full membership:
As trial member you will receive the clan colours (cape and vexilium), you will have access to the clan citadel (though there is a Jagex instated one week waiting time untill you can gether resources) and access to the entire members forum, with the exception of the admission poll votes.

For one more week, members will form their opinion about you and the upcoming poll vote about full admission. After that, there will be 3 days of voting. The outcome of this is either that your status on the chat will be set to a star, or a smiley. A star means you have been accepted as full member, with all rights on the forum and a title according to your total score, both on the forum and on the Runehead listings.

I did not get in, what now?
If you did not make full membership, you will already know why, but you will be told again by one of the administrators. The verdict is not theirs alone, but it is the outcome of the clan full members' discussion. This means that you received one or more suggestions to alter your behavior in the chat or on the forum and you did not comply, or not sufficiently. Mostly this will be because there is doubt about information you have given or your maturity or suitability in general for the clan.

From that moment on it is your choice to stick around and show us wrong. This will take a long time however, count with at least one or two months. It is not easy to change people's minds when those are made up. If you wish to leave at that time and try again later, you are free to do so.

Why does it take so long in my case?
This is because there is insufficient interaction with clan members. Either you are not online a lot, or you say little more than "Hi" and "Bye", after intermittent "Brb" and "Bbl". When people cannot form an opinion, they will simply not vote, or vote no. However, if a vote is not cast one month after a vote has been initiated, the answer will be "no". It means that people don't know you, because you did not let yourself be known. You cannot expect a positive outcome by absence.

The best way to prevent this is by talking with people. Leave a message on the forum as to why you are absent. Notify us about what is going on. We care and we want people who care about us caring.

If there were special circumstances by which you were not able to interact more, that is not a problem. The procedure will be restarted from the point of Introduction as soon as you are able.
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