Penguin hunt week - December 5-11, 2018

Penguin hunt weeks, penguin and bear locations
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Penguin hunt week - December 5-11, 2018

Post: # 1560Post Christie777
Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:32 am

Penguin hunt week - December 5-11, 2018


For the invisible (ghost) penguin, please join the "w60pengy" friends chat.
  1. Jatizso - Snowman (2 points)
    Confined to Jatizso and the snow covered islands.
  2. Miscellania - Snowman (2 points)
  3. Eagles Peak - Snowman (1 point)
  4. NW of Ardougne - Snowman (1 point)
  5. Port Khazard - Snowman (1 point)
  6. Goblin Village - Snowman (1 point)
  7. Ice Mountain - Snowman (1 point)
  8. Ape Atoll - Snowman (2 points)
    Confined to the Southern part of Ape Atoll.
  9. Desert - Snowman (2 points)
    Requires Back To The Freezer quest to spy.
  10. Mort Myre - Snowman (2 points)
  11. Dragontooth Island - Snowman (2 points)
  12. Falador - Bear (1 point)
    The bear cannot leave the well West of the Southern Entrance to Falador.
There are no wildy penguins this week Image

Here you can check the locations were penguins have last been seen.

Travel equipment:
1.) Coins, travel runes
2.) Games necklace, ring of duelling, amulet of glory, slayer ring
3.) Home teletabs, Enchanted lyre, Elf teleport seed/Tirannwn quiver, Drakan medallion, Digsite pendant, Water tiara/water skins, Ecto phial, Greegree, banana for teleport spell
4). Ring of visibility for the new invisable penguin (Some Like it Cold quest is required).

The circus is located North of the bank in Lumbridge. Shooting Star is free ticket event this week.

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Re: Penguin hunt week - December 5-11, 2018

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Wed Dec 05, 2018 2:52 pm

:yes: Yay they are snow pengs, bumped into one at Pisc this morning :oki: Time to use those D& D weekly tokens

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