31-08-2018 - Month Ahead - September

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31-08-2018 - Month Ahead - September

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Fri Aug 31, 2018 11:40 pm

Month Ahead - September

Click the link to watch RuneScape Month Ahead (Sept 2018) - DXP, Player-Owned Farm, Quest Point Shop

We interrupt your Double XP Weekend to bring important news regarding RuneScape in September.

On Monday, September 3rd - the very day that this Double XP Weekend finishes - you'll be able to get your hands proper dirty with Player-Owned Farm. This is a plot of land to call your own, dozens of animals to look after, and the biggest addition ever made to the Farming skill!

To make the week even busier, September 1st is also the return of the raffle. Start planning the reward days that really deserve your tickets.

We can also confirm that September is the month of Quest Point Shop, giving you rewards for your unused Quest Points; while Premier Club owners can unlock the first of their four Premier Club chests.

Player-Owned Farm

In a survey at the turn of the year, you voted Player-Owned Farm as the most wanted update, and after several Build-a-Backlog polls, it still hasn't been cow-tipped from the top. Well, on Monday, September 3rd, joy of joys, it arrives!

On the northern fringes of East Ardougne is a farm overseen by Granny Potterington. Looking after the animals has become a pig of a job, and Potterington is searching for a qualified farmer to muck in. That's you, by the way - as long as you have 17 Farming and 20 Construction.

Home-tele to Ardougne and you're pretty much there. After a swift tutorial, you'll be able to raise animals, gain materials and Farming XP from them, then sell the beasts for beans to buy a stable-full of farming rewards.

Expert farmers can optimise their gains by clearing poop, putting food in troughs, keeping animals healthy and breeding the very best for some sumptuous perks. And you don't need to be in the farm to be improving it: harvest mushrooms to unlock zygomites, trap skillchompas to unlock chinchompas, and make yak pouches to unlock yaks. Kill the spiders, dragons, rabbits and yaks of this world to unlock their relevant livestock. Don't have a cow, man? Buy them from the farmer's market!

The rewards are past-ure usual benefits. There's a new elite skilling outfit in the form of the Master Farmer outfit, new skill-boosting potions for divination, hunter, invention and runecrafting, and improved ultracompost. That really is only the beginning of what you can gain from the farm, and there are 37 achievements to complete as you progress. Man-ure going to love it.

Quest Caravan & Quest Point Shop

The fifth most desired update from this year's surveys and Build-a-Backlog polls (the Farm and Master Skillcape Perks were 1 and 3) was a Quest Point Shop: an actual use for all the Quest Points that you have been accumulating over the past 17 years!

May, a quest aficionado, will be settling her caravan in front of the Champions' Guild. Visit her, and you can choose from several branches of a perk tree. Will you choose the combat gear branch, which hands you armour and weapons that make you increasingly strong against quest bosses? Or will you go for the pet branch, and unlock an adorable little pup that can be customised according to your favourite quest series (alongside some useful benefits)? Or will you level up the quest hub itself, including a chest to store quest items and a teleport to the latest quest?

You can re-spec if you ever want to choose a different branch of the perk tree, and there are milestone rewards for everyone, regardless of which branch you choose. Just get yourself 25 Quest Points to start, and begin turning your Quest List a wonderful shade of green.

September Raffle

It wouldn't be September without a raffle to run alongside the updates. While the format hasn't changed - you still get a ticket every day and another if you complete a daily challenge - the presentation and looks have been given a lick of paint. Submit your tickets on the day that has the jazziest prizes, then cross your fingers and hope for the best!
  • Monday – Golden godswords
  • Tuesday – Portable deposit boxes
  • Wednesday – Protean packs
  • Thursday – Golden warpriest
  • Friday – Deathtouched darts
  • Saturday – Golden barrows armour
  • Sunday – Golden chaotic weaponry (New!)
Premier Club Chests

If you're a Gold Premier Clubber, a content exclusive arrives with Player Owned Farm. This is the first of four chests that will be coming each month until the end of the year. Want a clue what's in the first chest? Well, there's 'jack-all' in it...

Rainbow Lizard

If you like your Rainbow's End rewards, then there's one in particular that's a site for 'saur eyes. The rainbow lizard has a colour-changing tail and crest, and will make you the centre of any party.


Finally, whether you're going to Runefest or plan to watch via livestream, we have some news that might interest you. The Runefest App is available on Apple and Android stores now, and includes a survey for nominating your potential Golden Gnome winners. Over time, you can expect the app to update with a session schedule, alongside links to the streams, live polling and access to some great merch.

Runefest is just around the corner on October 5th and 6th. We're prepping some hefty announcements, so gird your loins: it's going to be a good one.

The RuneScape Team

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Re: 31-08-2018 - Month Ahead - September

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Sat Sep 01, 2018 7:22 pm

I " accidently" spotted a " special farm animal while thieve at Cadarm. It was spyable from cadarm spinning wheel building & looked like a "blue Smurf " at priff east entrance.
I clicked on it & got msge " you have spotted 1/7 special farm animals" After telling in f/c I went back but gone. So I guess keep your eyes out for "strange animals" for P O Farm update on Monday.

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