2-11-2018 - Month Ahead - November

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2-11-2018 - Month Ahead - November

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Sat Nov 03, 2018 12:48 pm

Click the link to watch RuneScape Month Ahead (Nov 2018) - Mining & Smithing Beta, Needle Skips, Achievements Bonanza video.

Month Ahead - November

With the clocks tumbling back and the nights drawing in, it feels like the right time to be tying up some of the threads that have been dangling loosely over RuneScape before the cold embrace of winter affirms its grip.

So in the spirit of dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and other such metaphors, we’re delighted to finally roll out things such as the open Mining & Smithing Beta, Achievement Bonanza and Tooltips for Potions!

Which is not to say there isn’t plenty of new content too. Indeed, a brand new quest called Needle Skips is nearly here, along with a new slimy community event. It’s also Premier Club time, and lest we not forget Black Friday.

Mining & Smithing Beta

We realise that the Mining and Smithing Rework is keenly anticipated. Splendid news, then, that our Mining & Smithing Beta is upon us and it will be completely open to all RuneScape members when it goes live on November 13th. It’s a full beta too, with access to all content and no area restrictions whatsoever, giving you an excellent opportunity to try out all of the new mechanics we’ve been working on.

Here’s a few specific details about what to expect:


● No depletion of materials
● Ability to mine AFK (although you’ll be rewarded for paying attention)
● New ore bank for storage
● Four new tiers of ore spanning 60-90


● The ability to smith from a new metal bank
● Additional mechanics to reward those who pay attention
● Better XP thanks to new upgrading and armour burial processes
● Make masterwork and trimmed masterwork armour which, if you’re not aware, is the best melee armour in the game!
● Four new tiers of metal spanning 60-90


● Ore, bars and metal equipment replaced on drop tables with new stone spirit and salvage items
● Spring cleaner has been improved
● We’re really keen for our players to get their hands on the beta and do let us know how you get on. Please share your feedback on our Discord channel, via Reddit or on Twitter from November 13th. The beta will last for two weeks.

Needle Skips


When players stumble across a tall blue woman lying dead on the floor, with the name ‘Megan’ written in blood beside her, they are plunged into a bizarre murder mystery unlike any other. Can you, using the power of an elder artefact (the aforementioned Needle), unravel the puzzle?

Players will examine the scene and search for keywords using a brand new in-game mechanic to try and discover what happened, peeling back layers of the story in the process. Can you solve the murder mystery? Needle Skips is a Novice level quest, is fully voiced and represents the 400th available Quest Point!

To get started on Needle Skips, players will have to investigate the Needle found on the hill west of Piscatoris.

Double XP Weekend

And don’t forget the double XP weekend, which will be coming to you on the 16th to the 19th of November, members will have the opportunity to enjoy a 100% XP boost between November 16th (12:00, or midday) and November 19th (11:59, late morning). Non-members can still enjoy a 20% XP boost!

Slime is of the essence


Tossing your food scraps down a well can’t do much harm, right? This is possibly true, providing said scraps aren’t feeding a giant slime, which then emerges from the well and terrorises the local populace.

We have a new community event that will run for five days. It will focus on the use of different skills that players must employ together to deal with this new slimy menace. Their reward? We’re not going to spoil that surprise completely, but there will be some tiered Slime Hunter armour and a slime pet up for grabs.

Players will be able to start the event by popping down to Rimmington, although we’ll also be giving out daily teleport tools to take them straight there.

Achievement Bonanza

Things are about to heat up on the RuneScore HiScore tables with the impending arrival of Achievements Bonanza.

A while back, we asked you for your ideas for achievements you’d like to see in the game. We were hoping to put together 100 or so, but we’ve actually ended up with over 130, spread across a wide assortment of skills. Well over half of these are based off your suggestions, so thanks ever so much to everyone who helped deluge us with so many wonderful ideas.

The new achievements will be visible from the achievement tab.

Parcels From the Hedge


Members may remember Postie Pete from earlier in the year. He’s hard to miss, unless your local postie is also a skull wearing a cap and carrying a satchel in their mouth.

Pete’s back this month to host another round of Parcels From the Hedge, although this time his free parcels contain even better rewards. They stack too! As well as daily parcels, players can claim more from skilling – and keep their eye out for the occasional special package containing some specific guaranteed loot.

Premier Club

Want to hear all the details about what exactly you’ll be getting as part of Premier Club this year? Expect some news shortly...

Black Friday Sales

It's nearly that time of year again. A fantastic week of sales is on the way for Black Friday, with as much as 75% off some items and new offers every day, plus a rollicking two-day mega sale to cap it all off.

Tooltips for Potions


Rounding off the month is Tooltips for Potions. As the name suggests, this comprises a significant update to the amount of information you can see when rolling your cursor over a potion. The new system is dynamic and will accurately reflect any effects that are interacting with a potion at any given moment. Magical!

That’s it for November! We’ll see you again in December when the name-dropping of certain festive events will not only be permitted, but also actively encouraged.

The RuneScape Team

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