18-03-2019 - Patch notes

Changes, improvements, bug fixes
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18-03-2019 - Patch notes

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Mon Mar 18, 2019 4:05 pm

Patch Notes - 18/03/2019

Image Achievements/Tasks

● The Lumbridge Strikes Back achievement can now be completed correctly.

● It is once again possible to complete the "Pot Stop" achievement from the Varrock easy tasks.

● It is once again possible to complete the "Staff on Stryke" achievement from the Desert elite tasks.

Image Bosses

● Voice Over has been added to The Magister boss fight.

● The barrier into the Crassian Leviathan fight will no longer re-open during the fight.

Image Bounty Hunter removal (post-release)

● The revenant spirit pet item now appears with a loot beam when dropped.

● Mandrith's location has been added to the Slayer skillcape's teleport options.

● Magical threads are earned less frequently when crafting fewer runes in an interaction. (Hotfixed last week)

● A message warning you that Mandrith slayer tasks aren't being counted outside of wilderness now only appears when fighting that specific task's creature. (Hotfixed last week)

● It's not longer possible to get a social slayer task from Mandrith if your partner doesn't meet his combat requirements.

● Adrenaline crystals dropped from the wilderness rare loot table are now noted.

● Updated where messaging appears when failing to earn points for bounty emblem upgrades.

Image Chat

● Corrected the flag shown on the friends, friends chat and clan chat interfaces on non-English worlds.

● Squoggoth's chat head had issues with looking too dark in certain graphics settings - this has been resolved.

● Corrected a typo in thief guild Robins chat.

Image Combat

● Added a missing apostrophe in concentrated blast's description.

● Added new spells to both Lunar and Ancient spellbooks to allow direct casting to a spellbook, e.g. 'Spellbook Swap (Standard)'. The existing Spellbook Swap spell has not been removed.

● Spellbook Swap can now be used off GCD from the action bar.

● Supreme potions have had their tooltip updated to correctly display the boost received when consumed.

● Black stone arrows are now consumed as expected within the Tirannwn quiver.

● Black stone arrows will now correctly deplete in PvP

Image Grand Exchange

● The Iron figure object is no longer available on the Grand Exchange.

Image Mobile

● A client error when opening the quest accept/decline screen on the Mobile client has been fixed.

● We've added an option from the minimenu to completely close the minigames interface from the ribbon. This will only work for non area related minigames interfaces (such as the Dungeoneering party interface).

● Operating the Ring of Kinship to start a Dungeoneering party will now correctly open the minigames interface (rather than just populating it on to the ribbon).

● Removed some PC terminology in favour of something more generic in the authenticator input box on the login screen.

Image Minigames

● A couple of typos in the Void Knights Commendation Rewards shop have been corrected.

Image Other

● We've added an option in the UI Customisation section of the General Gameplay settings that will allow the user to toggle the display of the Summoning Globe between Summoning points and Familiar special points.

● The Huge Urn option on the Ring of Urns has now returned from its Holiday and is now taking its rightful place as a transmog option.

● The Ring of Trees and Ring of Coins can now be accessed by the Transmogrification interface if they have been added to your PoH storage.

● Fixed an issue where some tall and narrow windowed mode layouts could cause issues with the bank and the interface overlapping in legacy mode when the window was resized.

Image Player Owned Ports

● Removed duplicate buying options from PoP traders.

Image Quests

● The ransom note in the Stolen Hearts quest will no longer appear in the area loot interface, as it cannot be picked up in this way.

● Lumbridge Catacomb statuettes will no longer reference Xenia after her demise.

● A reference to iron in regards to the mine in Rimmington within the Animal Magnetism quest has been changed due the mine no longer containing iron rocks.

● Corrected a typo with the vial of orange mist's destroy message in Dimension of Disaster.

● Gertrude's chat tree has been rewritten to centralise the flow of dialogue.

Image Skilling

● The Grace of the Elves will now show a debuff when deactivated and the buff when active to help distinguish which state it is in.

● Assisting a player with Crafting certain items will now correctly give the experience gained to the player assisting, rather than the player receiving the assist.

● Players are no longer spammed with a warning message if they have boosted their Smithing level to start a project they no longer meet the requirements for.

● A full stamina bar is no longer displayed (if enabled) above the player's head when they start to mine a node which does not deplete stamina (such as crablets and sandstone).

● Attempting to cast an alchemy spell on an unfinished smithing item will now return the correct message rather than the prior message which was inaccurate.

● Added missing smithing sounds to the anvils in Dungeoneering.

● Uncut Onyxes are no longer obtainable from mining Prifddinas Gem Rocks (Hotfixed last week)

● The reward shop benefit with the Gorajan Trailblazer Outfit no longer requires you to wear the outfit to get the reward shop discounts/skip floors provided you own the outfit.

Mod Shauny

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