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Example forms for introduction and application, the process and other application information
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Introduction form

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Wed Aug 22, 2018 6:02 pm

For an introduction, we would like to know a couple of things:

Your name or how you would like to be called,
your Runescape name,
your age, your gender and where you are from,
what you do in real life,
your time zone,
how long you have been playing Runescape and
what your favorite skills or least favorite skills are,
how you found us and what your plans are.
Your total skill level

An example is this:
"Hello all, my name is Supahskillah, but you may call me Supah or Dave. I am a 24 year old archeology student from Bristol UK. My time zone is GMT + 0. In real life I like to go out with my friends and play runescape... oh wait, real life right? I've been playing RS since 2010 and my skill total is 1550. My favorite skills are herb and slayer, but am not so crazy about dunging. I found Nescio listed on the RS forums and I'm looking for a mature clan to hang out and chat with."
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