Skilling Week Schedule

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Skilling Week Schedule

Post: # 1657Post Christie777
Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:42 am

In November 2018 we successfully completed 9th Tour of our Skilling weeks and I propose this new Skilling Week schedule for 2019. The order and chaining skills are the same as they were during just completed Skilling Week Tour 9 (2018).

Skilling Week Tour 10 - 2019

Skills Date
Cooking & Thieving 1-8 February
Double XP weekend February
Combat, Slayer & Invention
(Attack, Constitution, Defence, Magic, Ranged, Strength, Slayer, Invention)
1-8 March
Farming & Fishing 5-12 April
Crafting, Mining & Smithing 3-10 May
Fletching & Woodcutting 7-14 June
Firemaking 5-12 July
Agility & Runecrafting 2-9 August
Divination & Hunter 6-13 September
Double XP weekend September
Dungeoneering 4-11 October
If you have any suggestions please post here so I could add this schedule to our calendar ;-)

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