Welcome to Nescio!

Nescio is a Runescape clan with mature members that focus mainly on skilling, and somewhat on killing. Monsters mostly. If you are looking to join such a warm and friendly group of people, it is most advisable to go online and in-game, and find the Friend’s Chat go2mycc. Our clan chat is closed except for members and applicants.

As an online family we will always try to help any clanmate with advice, tips, stuff and assistance. If you want more information, you can find some here, but do join go2mycc friend’s chat in game and ask one of the members. For help to get started in the application, do find one of the gold star Generals. They also have administrative roles on this site and can help you post an introduction or application. We so hope to see you soon!!

Nescio’s weblocation is open for business! We call upon all Nescio members to use the Contact form to send us their Runescape name and a valid e-mail address, so we can add everyone to the list of blogpost readers and -writers, with access to all the private content and all nifty features. We hope to see you around here soon!