04 May 2020 – Patch Notes (04/05/20)

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Patch Notes (04/05/20)

Remember that throwing star we found in last week’s patch notes? Turns out they’re all over the place! Clearly the Ninja Team have been busy again, so while you have a look at their handiwork below, we’ll see how many shurikens we can clean up.

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Ninja Strike #4

This week sees our talented Ninjas launch their fourth strike. This time they’ve used the ancient scattershot technique, hitting smaller targets across the game instead of focusing on one big challenge.

Grace of the Elves

The Grace of the Elves necklace has had several improvements made to it.

  • Two new options have been added while wearing the item, which means you can recharge the necklace while skilling.
  • ‘Charge porter’ will add one Sign of the Porter to the necklace.
  • ‘Charge all porters’ will add all Signs of the Porter in the Inventory until full or near full charge.
  • Three new settings have been added to the necklace:
  • ‘Always warn’ will continue to warn the player before charging Signs of the Porter.
  • ‘Always consume’ will cause Grace of the Elves to automatically consume Signs of the Porter until full.
  • ‘Never consume’ will never attempt to waste any extra porter charges and will stop prompting a warning.
  • The Buff Bar icon is now removed when the necklace reaches 0 charges.
  • The necklace will now prioritise activated Signs of the Porter instead of inactive ones.
  • When the porter functionality is disabled, the number of charges remaining will show on the Debuff Bar icon.
  • A filterable chat message has been added to notify the player when their Grace of the Elves reaches 0 charges.
  • When adding just one porter to the necklace, players will no longer be asked for confirmation.

Stone Spirits Rebalancing

  • Various bosses and Slayer monsters have had their stone spirit drops re-balanced. Higher-level creatures will now drop appropriately high-level stone spirits.
Drop Table Old Stone Spirit Drop New Stone Spirit Drop
Rare Drop Table Adamantite, Gold, Runite Phasmatite, Necrite, Runite
Super Rare Drop Table Adamantite, Coal, Runite Phasmatite, Necrite, Drakolith, Orichalcite
Prifddinas Crystal Chest Adamantite, Coal, Runite Orichalcite, Drakolith, Runite
Telos Runite Light Animica
Nex Runite, Luminite Necrite, Phasmatite
Nex: Angel of Death Runite Banite
God Wars Dungeon 2 Luminite Drakolith, Orichalcite
Araxxor Adamantite, Coal, Runite Necrite, Phasmatite, Banite
Vorago Runite Banite
Kalphite King Runite Banite
Magister Runite Banite
Corporeal beast Adamantite, Runite Phasmatite, Necrite
Legiones Runite Banite
Barrows: Rise of the Six Runite Banite
Queen Black Dragon Drakolith, Orichalcite, Runite, Luminite Drakolith, Orichalcite, Necrite, Phasmatite
General Graardor Adamantite, Coal, Runite Orichalcite, Drakolith, Runite
General Graardor (Hard Mode) Adamantite, Coal Orichalcite, Drakolith
K’ril Tsutsaroth Runite Orichalcite
K’ril Tsutsaroth (Hard Mode) Runite Orichalcite
Commander Zilyana (Hard Mode) Runite, Gold Orichalcite, Drakolith
Abyssal Demon Adamantite, Runite Orchalcite, Phasmatite
Dark Beasts Adamantite Necrite
Spiritual Warrior Coal, Mithril Luminite, Runite
Ripper Demon Coal Necrite, Phasmatite
Acheron Mammoth Adamantite Necrite, Phasmatite
Rune dragon Runite Necrite, Phasmatite
Airuts Runite, Adamantite Drakolith, Banite
Gargoyle Mithril, Adamantite, Coal Adamantite, Luminite, Runite


The Ranch Out of Time

Great-Granny Potterington enlisted the help of the Ninjas for some Construction work on The Ranch Out of Time. Now she has a lovely new home with space for a few more features.

  • The animal buyers and Bank chest are now more accessible.
  • The Seasonaliser has been removed as it had no functionality for the Ranch animals.
  • There is now space for a Storm Barn to be built on The Ranch Out of Time.
  • The building permit can be purchased for 7,500 beans.
  • You’ll need 15,000 wood, hides, and leaves from the Anachronia Base Camp to build the Storm Barn.
  • The Storm Barn is a requirement for the “Bean There, Done That, Got The Post Card” achievement for the Completionist Cape.
  • Teleporting to The Ranch Out of Time will now land players directly where Great-Granny Potterington and the dinosaur buyers are situated. The first teleport after today’s update will still land players at the previous location on the beach.
  • Players can now teleport to The Ranch Out of Time via the Max Guild garden portal. The ability to attune the portal there can be bought from the ‘Misc. Rewards’ section of the Farmer’s Market for 5,000 beans.

Raptor Chest & Outfit – Rebalancing and QoL

Raptor’s Chest

  • Raptor’s Chest has been renamed ‘The Raptor’s Chest of Slaying’ to be more informative.
  • The chest has been moved from Burthorpe to War’s Retreat.
  • The order in which drops are rewarded has been reorganised.
  • The chest now uses a Reward interface similar to those found on other reward chests. The new interface shows the total value of the rewards and also allows them to be banked from the interface.
  • When claiming VIP Slayer tickets a chat message will appear to show how many you’ve received and how many you have in total.
  • The chat message for receiving Slayer points now shows how many you have in total.
  • A new Slayer point icon has been created so that it can be displayed in the Reward interface.
  • Upon using a Raptor’s Slayer lamp you will now be asked for confirmation before receiving Slayer XP.
  • A ‘Combine’ option has been added to key parts for ease of use on desktop and mobile.
  • An ‘Observe” option has been added to the full key to guide players to the chest’s location.
  • When combining a key, a message will appear that guides players to the chest’s location.
  • Adjusted messaging when opening the chest without a key, to inform players of where to find key pieces.

Raptor Chest Drops

  • The Raptor’s Basic Outfit is now guaranteed to drop from the chest.
  • The unlock text for Raptor’s Basic Outfit in the wardrobe has been adjusted to reflect the above.
  • The chance to receive a Raptor weapon has been increased from 1/200 to 1/50.
  • General drops have been rebalanced and include more up to date rewards:
Drop Drop Items
1 Hydrix Bolt Tips, Onyx Bolt Tips
2 Large Blunt Rule Salvage, Large Spiky Rune Salvage, Medium Bladed Orikalkum Salvage, Dark Animica Stone Spirit, Light Animica Stone Spirit
3 Uncut Onyx, Uncut Dragonstone, Uncut Diamond
4 Magic Seeds, Guarana Seeds, Dragonfruit Seeds, Tombshroom Spore
5 Water Talisman, Steel Ingot, Blue and Crimson Charms, Yak Hide
6 Wine of Saradomin, Wine of Zamorak, Crushed Nest, Grimy Lantadyme
7 Sirenic Scale, Battlestaff
8 Frost Dragon Bones

Raptor Outfit improvements

  • The Raptor’s Advanced Outfit cosmetic override no longer degrades at all, and has become a permanent unlock.
  • As such, the kills required for the upgrade have been increased from 30 to 50.
  • The unlock text for Raptor’s Advanced Outfit in the wardrobe has been adjusted to reflect the new amount of kills required.
  • The info-box displayed when the upgrade is obtained is now green to highlight the unlock.


  • The generic reward interface now allows you to withdraw the items noted or un-noted.Some of the meats in the Oo’glog Meat Shop have been turned in to packs of meat for easier purchase.Various meats that always had zero stock have been removed from this shop to reduce clutter.The shop display has been reshuffled.Some of these items, namely the packs, now restock on daily reset instead of on a 24-hour timer.Yak hides in the Jatizso shop have been turned into yak hide packs to allow for easier purchase.When the Herbicide option to auto-collect herbs is turned on, they’ll go straight to the Herb Bag instead of the Backpack.


A new month means new fixes and improvement for RuneScape’s latest skill! Let’s see what our favourite shovelbums have been up to this week!

  • Textures on the Spear of Annihilation and Masterwork Spear of Annihilation have been improved.
  • The ‘Ruthless’ Invention perk now appears with the correct icon on the Buff Bar.
  • Fixed some instances of material caches clipping into the floor at Kharid-et and the Infernal Source.
  • Players will now be placed into the same instance in the Warforge! forge area after completing the ‘Into the Forge’ mystery.
  • It is now possible to contribute a single item to a collection via a menu option on the item inside the Collectors interface.
  • Players can now discover pylon batteries while excavating in the Kharid-et prison block.
  • The Spear of Annihilation and Masterwork Spear of Annihilation are now treated as Bandos items in the God Wars Dungeon.
  • The forge doors inside Warforge! will now list the keys you are missing to open it, as long as you’ve found at least one already.
  • Fixed minor clipping issues in the Infernal Source.
  • Bad luck mitigation for artefacts has been increased. It will now take the players last five received artefacts into account when awarding a new one.
  • A missing cadmium red material cache has been returned to its rightful place in Star Lodge cellar.
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing players to see through quintessence material caches.
  • An additional perk has been added to the Archaeology skillcapes. Whilst worn, the player receives an additional 1% sprite focus when excavating at a spot with a time sprite.
  • Fixed an issue that was causing empty charge pack messages to appear whilst excavating without an augmented item.
  • Fixed an issue where certain islands in the Infernal Source were being removed if you had the Remove Roofs setting set to selective.
  • Flowing lava in the Infernal Source will no longer disappear when you stand close to it.
  • Fixed an issue at the Infernal Source where a lava faucet was not being removed when the camera was moved inside it.
  • The Master Archaeologist’s outfit will now grant access to the ‘Fixate’ ability. You can activate this from the skilling section of the magic spell book.
    • Fixate can be activated on Archaeology excavations to guarantee the type of artefact that will be gathered from that spot.
    • Fixate can be activated 3 times per day.
  • A researcher that was causing misclicks by standing too close to the Archaeology research table has been moved south.
  • Added a confirmation message when leaving the Praetorium in Kharid-et to help prevent players accidentally leaving the area.
  • Chronotes can now be added to, and used from, the Currency Pouch.


  • Hotfix: Transmog rings (e.g. Ring of Stone) can no longer be activated whilst in PvP zones. Additionally, Transmog rings can no longer be reclaimed from the Emotes interface whilst in the duel arena.
  • The Ancient Legionary Outfit has been adjusted to fit female characters better.
  • Textures on the Ancient Legionary Armour, Shield and Sword have been improved.
  • Added a Bank icon onto the maps for the Burthorpe Training Camp chest.
  • Updated the description of coin prizes on Treasure Hunter (5,000,000-200,000,000) to show that these prizes are members-only.


  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the Dwarven Army Axe from being used as a pickaxe.
  • Fixed an easy clue scroll hint referencing the Combat Academy so it no longer references content that is out of date.
  • Fixed an issue that caused mobile users to crash after killing the Angel of Death.
  • Corrected the start point for the Sheep Shearer miniquest in the Quest Journal.

It took a while, but we’ve just about found the last of the Ninja Team’s shurikens. Would you mind delivering them back to them for us? You can most easily contact the Ninja Team via their Dojo. Coincidentally, that’s the best place to direct their attention to any other content that deserves a little love!

You can find out more here.

See you next week!

The RuneScape Team


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