08 June 2020 – Patch Notes (08/06/20)

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Patch Notes (08/06/20)

After joining forces with the Newspost last week, today we’re back for your regularly scheduled installment of the Patch Notes show!

Having some trouble with evil trees? We’ve got a fix for you! Looking for a buff to your blood reaver familiar? We’ve got one of those too!

Read on to discover more of this week’s tweaks and fixes.

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What’s this? More freshly unearthed Archaeology patches? Don’t mind if we do!


  • The blood reaver familiar will now apply its passive ability to lifepoint boosting effects such as Saradomin Brews and rocktail.


  • Fixed an issue where some material cache frames could be temporarily hidden.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the wingsuit found at Stormguard Citadel.
  • Some missing sides have been added to certain planks in Howl’s workshop.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the player’s weapons to briefly disappear when activating Stormguard Citadel portals.
  • The cloud effect on the Dis overspill excavation spot no longer appears completely static.
  • Items will no longer float when dropped on top of portals in the Infernal Source.


Archaeology isn’t the only focus this week. We’ve made fixes and changes to everything from evil trees, to spirit trees, to the Giant Mole. Let’s take a look!


  • Players no longer need to have completed ‘Throne of Miscellania’ to travel to the spirit tree on the island.
  • Giant Mole minions now despawn on boss death.
  • Information about the Achievement ‘A String and a Flare’ has been updated.
  • Invention, Farming and Runecrafting teleports will now appear as options for the skills necklace.
  • The Fayre Venturer outfit no longer leaves a hole in the players back whilst Smithing.
  • Facial hair is no longer hidden while wearing the Hati Hood.
  • The magic shieldbow (sighted) can now be keepsaked.
  • Fixed an issue where rejoining an instance after logging out would reset the spawn speed setting.
  • Darkmeyer’s anvil is now marked with the appropriate icon on the Map.
  • Cows and sheep will no longer become horribly deformed in the Add/Remove Animal interface.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that was preventing evil trees from being interacted with.
  • A grammar mistake in the Mini Morn Pet’s dialogue has been corrected.
  • The Solak quickchat option that announces your kill time will no longer include Duo Mode.
  • Fixed a graphical issue with the Acolyte of Seiryu jacket override.
  • Egil was persistent but he has had another talking to: an issue where newly obtained ceremonial sword plans would retain previous progress has been fixed.
  • Resolved an issue which would cause the incorrect poison colour to be applied to a player during the Verak Lith boss fight.
  • NPCs in The Heart of Gielinor will no longer be able to attack through the entrances of the boss waiting areas.
  • Fixed some minor text clipping with the Turkey Book Thanksgiving event item.
  • Fixed an issue causing duplicate Prayer icons on altars in Daemonheim.
  • Familiars will no longer be able to attack Slayer creatures in Kuradal’s dungeon after their summoner’s task has been completed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused female characters’ torsos to detach from their legs while wearing the Raider Chainbody or the Slave Shirt.
  • Fixed a problem that caused Infinity Ethereal Legs to stretch when worn with a Small Delivery Parcel.
  • Fixed an issue where the leaf trap east of the northernmost Hunter training area in Tirannwn could sometimes jump you back west when jumping eastwards across it.
  • Fixed an issue where Skillcape hoods wouldn’t display their retro counterpart when toggled to do so.Corrected a typo in the examine text of a Raven from Prifddinas.
  • Corrected a typo that appears when cleaning a specimen rock at the Varrock Museum.
  • Corrected a typo in the Construction daily challenge.
  • Fixed an issue with Blood, Third Age, and Shadow dyed off-hand Drygore Longswords where spikes were attached to the inner half of the sword rather than the outside. Ouch!
  • Fixed an issue where planting a fruit tree sapling would mysteriously give one more XP point than was indicated on the Seedicide interface.
  • Fixed a problem that was causing the Blood Amulet of Fury to appear the wrong colour if compressed textures were turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where Dodgy Derek’s model didn’t match his chat head.
  • Fixed a floating well south of Ardougne.
  • Fixed a minor stretching glitch that occurred if the Shadow Dragoon Legplates were worn with a Staff of Sliske.
  • Fixed the augmented Zamorakian Spear’s Inventory icon.
  • Fixed a hole in the Helm of Foulness.
  • Added text to a blank examine box for falling rocks in the goblin mine.
  • Fixed an issue that caused characters’ necks to stretch whilst wearing the Sunglass Monocles override.
  • Fixed an issue where a potion reservoir was being turned off if a Sign of the Porter, Sign of Life, or Defence Skillcape perk was used.
  • Removed a bug that was causing the Black Necronium Axe to appear twice in the Wardrobe.
  • A bug allowing players to bypass the 50% chance of destroying memories while converting memories using the divine-o-matic has been resolved.

The divine-o-matic has a 50% chance of destroying memories, rendering them useless. This has always been the case and was done to ensure the rate of divine charges coming into the game from the item was balanced. The new Archaeology relic allowed you to bypass this mechanic, meaning the divine-o-matic was producing far too many charges. Now, converting memories at a rift with the divine-o-matic equipped will respect the 50% destroy mechanic of the item. Having the divine-o-matic configured to destroying both memories and energy will remain unaffected.

We’d normally write a witty line or two here wrapping up the post before sending it out, but truth be told we’re a little distracted today. We’ve received a mysterious message, written on an ancient scroll. Could it be… the Ninjas?

Check back in next week, where we’ll have all the answers!

The RuneScape Team


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