08 May 2020 – Double XP LIVE has begun!

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Double XP LIVE has begun!

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here – it’s time for Double XP LIVE!

Players now have until 12:00 GMT on Monday May 18th to use their whopping 48 hours of Double XP time in-game however they choose. By giving you the flexibility to use your XP time as you wish, there’s no need to worry about pulling an all-nighter or compromising any of your plans. Take your time, relax and enjoy those lovely skill gains!

Please don’t forget that our brand new and very exciting skill Archaeology is exempt from any XP benefits for its first six months, so you won’t get any extra XP when training that skill. This is so players who love the race to 99 and 120 can do so on a level playing field.

You can read the full list of Double XP LIVE rules and regulations here.


With so many skills to choose from during Double XP LIVE, it can sometimes be a bit overwhelming deciding what to pump your Double XP into. Well, now Instagram can lend a hand!

Our RuneScape Skill Roll filter is ready and waiting to choose the skill that is best for you. To try it out, simply:

  • Open Instagram
  • Search for ‘RS Skill Roll’
  • Click the filter
  • Alternatively, click here (from your mobile)
  • Let me the magic begin!

Be sure to tag us @runescape to let us know what you got!

– The RuneScape Team


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