09 June 2020 – livestream round-up (26/05/2020)

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livestream round-up (26/05/2020)

Did you miss the livestream on May 26th? You can catch up on everything you missed right here, or alternatively head to the bottom of the post to watch the entire thing!

This week, we caught up with the Ninja Team’s very own Mod Erator to talk about the changes in the most recent Ninja Strike, as well as what the developers’ next target is.

Ninja Strike

The most recent Ninja Strike saw those sneaky developers making a number of changes across RuneScape. This is the sixth such quality of life assault these feared coders have unleashed, this time making a number of tactical tweaks to the settings menu, making it less of a challenge to navigate.

  • The Quest List can now be sorted alphabetically or reverse alphabetically.
  • Search boxes have been added to the various customisation interfaces, including Appearances, Animations, Titles and Pets. Titles that can no longer be obtained have been removed.
  • There’s now the option to join or rejoin instances for bosses. This means that those who succumb to such foes – or want to challenge them again after banking loot – can quickly return to the fray.
  • Players can now automatically pickpocket the desert phoenix as a reward for finishing the hard desert achievements.
  • The team has also addressed a bug with the Grand Exchange where users would click on the quantity or price of an item only for it to deselect the box. There is now a seamless transition from one text box to another.

“Hopefully this makes it much more user friendly and easier to find the settings that you want. You may even find settings you didn’t even know existed before because they’re now more visible.”

~ Mod Erator

The Grand Exchange

Recently – via a note pinned by a shuriken to our front door – we learned of the Ninja Team’s next target: the Grand Exchange. It’ll be a little while before these changes make it into RuneScape, so the developers would love to hear what the community thinks.

  • The Overview page has been tweaked so that rather than slots appearing empty, they now show a number. This is to not only show that key binds work for this interface, but also to make it easier to tell slots apart.
  • The Buy & Sell page is now faster and more responsive. This has been achieved by moving some underlying tech from the server to the client, reducing the lag.
  • Searches will show more results. Currently results only show two lines of items – this is being upped to four.
  • Furthermore, Search is both more responsive and persistent. All of which will make it easier to search and then return to your findings.
  • Users can now edit their Grand Exchange offers – both Buying and Selling. They can change the quantity that is available – or that they want to buy – as well as the price they want to set. If you make an error editing your offer, you can go back and undo changes.
  • You will have quick access to 18 of your most commonly-used items using the Favourites tab. Items can be easily added, including from the search menu, and quickly removed for when you need to make room.
  • There will soon be a cool down on the message telling you about your Grand Exchange offers when hopping between worlds. This currently appears every single time a user switches worlds, but in the future it will appear far less regularly.

“We’re looking to launch all this in June. It’s a work in progress but it’s in a great state. All the core features are in. Currently we are fixing bugs and implementing changes based on internal feedback.”

~ Mod Erator

The RuneScape Team


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