11 May 2020 – Patch Notes (11/05/20)

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Patch Notes (04/05/20)

As the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta finally arrives, our teams are working double-time polishing the RuneScape Mobile experience.

Catch up on all the latest mobile news here – but in the meantime, let’s take a look at what’s changed this week.

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Have you already been exploring Gielinor on your Android device? This week we’ve been focusing on making that experience super smooth, with changes to menus, buttons, and more! All of these changes will also apply to the RuneScape iOS Closed Beta when that arrives!


  • Added the ability to sheathe and unsheathe weapons on mobile with a long-press on the Combat Mode Toggle button.
  • Removed the scrollbar from the minimised Chat view on mobile.
  • Updated the Constitution Skill Guide to remove references to PC terminology on mobile.
  • Removed PC terminology from the Wardrobe UI on mobile.
  • Improved clan invite flow for mobile.
  • Updated mobile checkboxes on the Skill Guide to be visually and functionally consistent.
  • Mobile users will now be able to see the previous display name of a friend who has changed their name. Pressing and holding on their name in the Friends List will show a tooltip and open more options.
  • Mobile players can now see the animals’ traits by long pressing them in the Trade menu.
  • Added a check to make the ‘Worn Equipment Stats’ button on the Worn Equipment UI only affect the top level version, and not the Hero Loadout.
  • Further minor tweaks to the layout of the Clan Citadel Minigames UI on mobile.
  • Padded the sizing for longer tooltips on mobile.
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing the in-combat border from appearing while viewing the Home Screen.
  • Further improvements have been made to the the way object tooltips and Options menus are drawn. This prevents clipping issues with longer lines of text.
  • Users can now tap on the icon for a handicap to see its effect in the ‘Decide Your Handicap’ UI inside the Dominion Tower.
  • While using the Home Teleport spell on mobile, pressing and holding on any lodestone will reveal a tooltip with the name of the destination.


  • Fixed an issue which caused the buttons on the Friends Chat List to overlap.
  • Fixed an issue where the Friends List was sorted incorrectly, resulting in clipped text.
  • Fixed an issue with Friends and Ignore list name sorting. Both lists can now be sorted independently from one another.
  • Resolved a minor issue that caused the filter button to be removed when swapping between resized Friends and Ignore list windows.
  • Fixed an issue that was showing the Invention Materials Pouch button on the Backpack prior to unlocking it during the Invention tutorial.
  • Fixed an issue on mobile which caused previously selected graphical settings to be highlighted.
  • Fixed an issue with the Currencies overlay on the Backpack that was causing currency to appear in a different order on each.
  • Resolved a problem with player choice options sometimes rendering at an incorrect size.
  • Fixed a performance issue which caused a significant FPS drop after adjusting specific settings on the Graphics interface.
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Chat Window Settings list to remain open if a user selected ‘My Examine Settings’.



  • The ‘Bank All’ option on tetracompass ancient caskets will now prioritise adding items to Material Storage above the player’s Bank.
  • An ancient casket has been added to the Archaeology Guild office. The casket will temporarily store items from tetracompass reward caskets that the player did not have room for.
  • Removed a message which erroneously informed some players that they have Gold Premier Club 2018 rewards left to claim.
  • Hid the Clan Cup button on the Clan Chat List, as the event is long since over.
  • Updated the tooltip for the Dragon Battleaxe special attack to more accurately reflect its effect.
  • Removed the chisel from the room in Daemonheim where the player must carve a weapon for one of three statues.
  • The Varrock Museum Curator will no longer talk about the expedition to Anachronia as though it is currently happening.
  • When using a fire, the option to cook food was showing logs as the icon. This has been updated to a piece of meat instead.
  • Increased the value of certain upgraded items to ensure they’re more valuable than their pre-upgrade counterparts.
  • Updated the congratulations message for the ‘Blast and Hellfire’ achievement to no longer reference outdated content.
  • Removed references to outdated content from the Sparky skilling pet.
  • The Ability Bar tutorial during the Burthorpe FTUE now better accounts for players who have unbound their Secondary Action Bar.
  • Added the numerical percentage onto the ‘Corrupted’ debuff icon in the Sophanem Slayer Dungeon.
  • At the request of clue hunters, a teleport to Turael’s previous location in Taverley has been added to the spell book. It currently uses the Trollheim Teleport icon.
  • A pile of rubble that can be found during the Enakhra’s Lament quest was allowing players to acquire a large amount of extra fine sand at a much faster rate. A delay has now been added to put this in line with existing methods of obtaining sandstone.
  • Added examine text to the Raptor’s outfits in the Chest interface.
  • The ‘Slayer Points’ dummy item has been removed from Grand Exchange search results.
  • Moved the old Bank area on the Ranch out of Time to the new Bank Chest location.
  • The Energised Meteorite Shard can now only be bought once until it is used. You can also refund the shard by talking to Ezreal with the shard in your Inventory.


  • Summoning a spirit graahk with a pet override will no longer cause stretching.
  • Scrimshaws of Aggression will now work on vile blooms.
  • A script error that occurred when using Felix as an override for the granite crab and smoke devil familiars has been fixed.
  • An error that appeared when certain members-only items were appearing on Treasure Hunter for free-to-play players has been fixed.
  • Attempting to read the Yak Track task list after the Yak Track event is over will no longer disconnect the player.
  • Fixed an issue where Archaeology Skill Guide information was populating other Skill Guides.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the red combat vignette to not appear if the user opened an interface while in combat.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the level up icon to be partially cropped when opening a full-screen interface.

That’s odd… no Ninjas this week! Still, with over 5,000 submissions in the Dojo, I’m sure it won’t be long before they turn up again. Make sure your idea is considered by following the links above!

See you next week!

The RuneScape Team


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