Frequently Asked Questions

For visitors

Where to start?

In the menu on top you see ‘Blog’. Start there.

Can I see all posts?

No, sorry, for that you need to be a member of the clan.

How do I become a member?

You can only become a member when you play Runescape, are over 18 and have at least 1500 points total score. Please join the Friend’s Chat “go2mycc“. There you can meet some of the people and find out more.

I visited the chat and am thinking about joining. Now what?

If you indicated you want to post an introduction, this option¬† is available through in Introduction form you can find under the ‘Forms’ menu item. In the chat you will receive a second chevron. Your introduction will not appear immediately. One of the admins has to approve it for security reasons.

I definitely want to join. What's next?

Once you’ve gotten to know some of the members, it is possible to fill out an application form. Tell one of the admins you wish to apply for membership and this form will be made available to you. You will then find the form under the ‘Forms’ menu item.

Then what happens?

Once your application is posted, Nescio clan members will make an extra effort to get to know you. After a little while they will vote for you to receive a trial membership. If the decision is positive, you will become a trial member and be able to read nearly all member’s posts. You will receive a third chevron in game.

After a short while full Nescio members will vote on full membership. If positive, you will become a full Nescio member. You will receive a bronze star in game and be able to vote on all issues and discussions, including new memberships.

How long does the application process take?

That depends. If you visited the Friend’s chat “go2mycc” often enough, people may already know you and be able to vote quickly. Then the process may last only two weeks.

If, on the other hand, you are more absent than present, it can take as long as people need to get to know you.

What are my chances for admission to the clan?

Statistically: extremely high.

Not all Nescio members need to vote. They can vote ‘Yes’, ‘No’ or ‘Don’t know but will investigate’. Trial membership is often granted as long as there are no No’s.

If there is a No-vote, a reason is required to say No. This can lead to a discussion, making the process longer and in rare cases, it may lead to a denial of membership (4%). The applicant will be notified of the reason for denial.

So your chance is 96%.

Why is my chance this high?

There are a few reasons.

  1. We insist people join the Friend’s chat first. They see the social interactions and decide if they want to belong to these people first.
  2. Becoming a member takes a while. This deters people looking for instant gratification. People who want everything and want it now lack the maturity to join Nescio.
  3. The people voting are all mature Runescape players who sooner welcome a new family member than keep all the fun for themselves. They are more earger to vote Yes than No and will not do the latter without serious cause.
What does membership bring extra?

Well for one, you can write posts on this website. You can even write an entire blog within this website if you wish. It offers a lot mroe options than a standard forum.

In game, you have a group of people that are most happy to help, give tips, share information and often goodies, babysit while you are going for that nasty monster and join you in multiplayer events.

You can visit our level 6 Citadel, which is not mandatory but highly appreciated, for vast amounts of XP each week. And it is level 6because the only thing mandatory in Nescio is mutual respect.