20 May 2020 – livestream round-up (05/05/2020)

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livestream round-up (05/05/2020)

Did you miss the livestream on May 5th? You can catch up on everything you missed right here, or alternatively head to the bottom of the post to watch the entire thing!

This week, some of RuneScape’s top developers appeared on the livestream to sum up of some big changes being made to how the game is developed.

Ninja Strike

The Ninja Team has once again appeared from the shadows, this time performing a Scatter Shot Strike improving multiple areas. Chronotes can now be added to and used from the currency pouch, while Slayer monsters have had their stone spirit drop tables reworked. The Ninja Team has also made changes to The Ranch out of Time as well as Grace of the Elves.

  • Moving forward, the Ninja Team wants to make bigger, larger, longer term quality of life fixes, as well as more frequent updates.
  • The sneaky developers have been considering potential tweaks to the Grand Exchange and parts of the UI that they can improve.
  • But of course, the Ninja Team still wants to surprise and delight the community so content will, in true ninjary style, remain under wraps as much as possible.

“It’s been really refreshing for the team to work day-to-day with players. The game is really getting better with every launch we’ve been doing.”

~ Mod Hypnos

Player Advocacy Groups

In April we kicked off our Player Advocacy Groups, or PAGs for short. These groups of very experienced users will help guide our development decisions. The first of these focused on helping the Ninja Team trim down their backlog of content.

“This is a channel for our most-engaged players to help us deliver what people actually really want. It’s still a work in progress and we’re working out the kinks at the moment. We really want to give our players a way to bring the things they want into the game.”

~ Mod Hypnos

Seasonal Events

The Easter event that recently took place received mixed reviews from the community. This was partly due to landing quite close to the launch of Archaeology.

  • The team is trying to achieve a balance between the different kinds of events.
  • The assorted teams at Jagex are increasingly working together test and review various seasonal events ideas.

“Seasonal events are something light to take you away from the deeper stuff in RuneScape. We want these things to be happening regularly enough and to be rewarding and fun. They should be a natural part of the game.”

~ Mod Mic

Treasure Hunter

Since November, we’ve also been trying to improve Treasure Hunter and have tested out some new designs.

  • We’ve experimented methods of reward choice, as we saw with the Diamond Dozen – this was received really well, showing that players want control over what they’re receiving.
  • In future, the team wants to make rewards more refreshing and innovative, as well as producing more cosmetic rewards. In particular we want to improve what’s available for female characters

“We still have a long way to go in terms of determining the future of monetisation in Treasure Hunter, but we’re a lot closer to understanding it. We want to look now at how we innovate in the types of rewards that you receive, so you’re not getting the same stuff over and over again.”

~ Mod Mic

Core Experience

During the keynote at RuneFest 2019, Mod Pips showed eight tweaks that Jagex wanted to bring into RuneScape. To date, six of these alterations have been made.

  • Client-loading optimisation, a new rendering system, canopy cut-out, character silhouettes, interaction highlights, movement smoothing have all been added into RuneScape since October.
  • Movement prediction and a faster tick rate are still on the way. These are both technically challenging (as well as divisive within the community).

“It’s been an interesting experience. We’re running a game attached to some legacy technology, and what we ultimately want to do is make sure the game is actually viable from a modernised, future-facing standpoint. There are obviously some challenges there and there have been a lot of interesting learnings on the way.”

~ Mod Hypnos

The Runescape team


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