Blame Days

by | May 5, 2020 | Fun and funnies | 1 comment

Some of you may remember that we used to have ” Blame Days ” whereby one of the Clan took the blame for any Clanmates Dead Herb & Farm patches on a given day,

eg Dead Herbs or Farm patch on a Monday–Paws Fault:

The Clan Mate whose day it was would apologise & figuratively stand in a corner. If they were lucky the Clanmate from the previous day would have left some chocolates in the corner to comfort the “Guilty” Clan Mate.

For a sense of fun I would like to re-instate this tradition but due to some mates having quit the clan there are 4 days unallocated, Mordy is Sunday, Christie is Tuesday & Paws is Monday. So we are looking for 4 Volunteers/ Conscripts to have a day. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday are available.

We could perhaps expand Blame Days to other “Mishaps” in the game. I can think of a few like, forgetting to activate Aura, arriving at a Skill spot without Urns, forgetting a tool not  on toolbelt, forgetting food & pots.

The only exception to Blame Days is Bran. As she is responsible for all ” Stacies” on any day it seems unfair to also give her a blame day.

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  1. Mad Mordegai

    Well…. I am not sure about ‘unfair’… Maybe Bran would love to also have Sundays *cough*? 0:-)

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