A mild full manual set up, keybind explanation

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The Alt bar is for drag and drops like if I want to skill and drop am item and can mostly be ignored. Except the Shift X.

I just wanted to show this as a compliment to Tyler’s post. If you use too many bars like I do above, my piece of advice I wanted to toss into the conversation was to make keybinds relate to each other. Devotion is Shift 7 for me, which never changes and it always right next to my prayer swaps. X is equip shield, Shift X is Resonance, so I only need to click shift and can keep my finger on the X key. E and R are pre-fight and top up potions so they are used together and are next to each other on screen and keyboard. Bar 11 there never changes. Its always movement, prayers, def, hp, same for 12.

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  1. Keosef

    If this feels stressful to look at. Ignore it and TLDR: Keep keybinds related so you don’t have to remember as many things.

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