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Hey all,

I just wanted to reach out and say hi as I have not been around for the past few weeks. Been busy with work and my son’s practice schedule and just haven’t felt motivated to pop on-line and play RS. Otherthan that, I’m doing well and will see you soon.



  1. Paws Arwen

    Hi Biff Thank you for your post. R/L gets busy for all of us from time to time but it’s good to know you are ok.
    I look forward to seeing you when you are able to pop in.

  2. Tyler

    Hi Biff! Good to hear from you! No worries about being busy, I myself have been rather busy too. It happens to many of us this time of year I think 🙂 hope to see you again soon!

  3. Diederik22

    Thx for the post. Dont know if its a issue from my side or in the post, but i see all text on the leftside. I need to read the post through the buttons and menu that is normally there

  4. Clarice

    g’day biff
    thanks for the post have been wondering if you were ok so glad to hear you are, enjoy what you are doing big hugggggs

  5. Sigmund

    Just checking in…

    My goodness.. I have not been in game since October. What I thought was going to be a short break has turned into a long hiatus.

    I hope all is well with everyone and I think of you often.

    For those of you who know me, disappearing from gove for months at a time is not all that unusual; I get busy in RL and don’t have time to play. This year has been particularly busy as my school adjusts to the changes and challenges posed by the pandemic. I tend to come home from school pretty worn out and don’t have the desire to plop down in front of another computer screen.

    Just wanted to let you know that all is good with me and thai I am thinking of you. Hopefully things will calm down after May and I’ll see in you game soon.


  6. Tyler

    Hey Dan!

    It’s really great to hear from you again. I can understand the stress caused by covid; It’s been a very challenging year. No worries on taking a break though! I am glad to hear that you are doing alright besides being very busy. When you are ready to play again we will be right here!

    Take care,

  7. Paws Arwen

    Hi Dan, really nice to hear from you & glad your ok. We’ll be happy to see you whenever R/L allows.

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