Agility & Runecrafting week Results

by | Oct 9, 2020 | Nescio competitions | 2 comments

Thank you very much to EVERYONE who participated in this skill week.

Great work done in amazing gaining almost 5m xp and 3 normal levels 🙂

Congratulations to Paws [Paws Arwen] on winning in xp and to Tara [Tarahiro] on winning in levels during this great competition.

Total XP gained: 5,074,245Total levels gained: 3Total virtual levels gained: 0Total 99 capes gained: 0Total Master capes gained: 0
NameStarting xpStarting lvlCurrent xpCurrent lvlGained xpGained lvlsGained virtual lvlsMost xp gained% of Total xpRank
Paws Arwen84,803,47619887,033,8741981,828,98600Agility36.04%1

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  1. Paws Arwen

    Gratz Tara on lvls & Gratz Pin on over 1m XP nice competition all

  2. Tarahiro

    Congrats Paws! Nice job everyone. A lot of xp!

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