Back home 2022

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After 4 weeks traveling in Europe we are back home. We visited France and Spain. With our campervan, of course. Unfortunately we had to bring the van to the garage twice. The first time we took our bikes and camping gear and cycled along the Spanish North coast into te Picos de Europa. we really enjoyed that. Cycling 40 – 45 km in the hills/ lower mountains is the max we can do. After that we went to Santiago de Compostella and back. In France, near Rouen the car engine broke again. But Rouen is a very beauticul city and sleeping in a hotel is not bad after weeks on campings.

I will upload some pictures soon.


  1. Paws Arwen

    Hi Nano, Welcome back. I’m sorry you had mechanical problems on your trip. I can imagine that will have led to extra costs.
    It will be very nice to see some photo’s of your travels.

    • Nano

      Ty Paws. No time yet for adjusting some photo’s. Probably this weekend.

  2. Nano

    after some delay some holiday pictures
    1-coast in North Spain
    2- I love sea food
    3- pass in Picos de Europa
    4- pilgrims in Santiago de compostella
    5- Harry Potter like figures in medieval monastry in Santillana del Mar
    6- Hercule’s tower: Europe’s oldest lighthouse in La Coruna

  3. Paws Arwen

    Thank you for sharing Nano, that seafood looks delicious. That lighthouse is amazing.

  4. Nano

    ty Paws.
    The Romans already built a lighthouse on the same spot

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