Bosses and skills

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Wanted to see what people thought they knew well enough to offer advice on if anyone is looking for help.

Personally, I feel okay with Araxxor and theoretically okay with Nex, Kevin and I duo’d Nex a few times easily enough.I know with about 2-4 people most GWD2 bosses are easy in my experience. I have done some solo Helwyr.

If you have anything, like maybe Vindicta solo or any others, or skills/mini games. Maybe big game hunter or soul wars or something else. Might be worth noting it down so we can know who to ask about things like this.


  1. Tyler

    I do a reaper task every day. I don’t do group bosses though so I don’t know about them. I’ve been doing hard mode arch glacor lately, still working on hard mode kerapac.

    I haven’t tried telos yet though I have him unlocked and I haven’t done arraxi in a very long time. Otherwise I can solo any other notmal mode solo boss that I know of. Can do some hard modes too. Happy to give any advice I can 🙂

    Would be nice if anyone else has telos advice, I will for sure take up some arraxi advice!

  2. Clarice

    i am trying to get into reaper tasks but its not going well lol i have my recent task is arraxxi x 3 and i just keep dying would love some help thx
    I can only do gw1 bosses and am happy to take anyone along huggggs

  3. Diederik22

    I’m totally not good with bossing. long time ago i did some gw1 bosses and the normal barrows.
    Still to much different things too do in-game that i’m not bored in the coming years.

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