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by | Jul 29, 2021 | Clan Citadel | 8 comments

I tried to enter Citadel on Tuesday to set targets via Priff Portal & was immediately kicked back to portal. Same if tried to enter from Clan camp.

Tyler has tried too with no success. I have done 2 bug reports to Jagex. Hopefully if no-one went after re-set on Monday (approx 10.45 pm game time) it will not have re-set. So if we cannot meet upkeep it will not degrade.

I am unable to play this week as I have injured my back so cannot sit. I will however log-in daily & try to get to citadel. If not possible by Fri pm I will try Jagex tech support. There is no issue reported on Jagex about this issue.

I’ll update with any news.


  1. Tyler

    Well when I tried, it said it was locked because not enough people got in last time and that we needed 5 people to “attempt” to get in to unlock the citadel.

    I remember a similar issue a while back. If Paws and I both attempted, we just need 3 others to attempt before we get in.

  2. Paws Arwen

    Dang, thanks for that Tyler. Getting 5 on at same time could be tricky. Sunday I am not around but I will try to get on even for a little while Friday, Saturday & Monday. I will look up what happens if we cant.

  3. Tyler

    If I remember right from last time, you don’t need 5 at the same time. Just 5 have to try within a one week timespan. Here is from the wiki “If not enough clan members visit the citadel in a week, it becomes locked. No one may enter the citadel until five non-probationary clan members re-open it by attempting to visit it. ”

    What I don’t know is if there is a message telling us we can go in when its unlocked or not. We might just have to keep checking :/

  4. Paws Arwen

    Ty Tyler I will get into game later if even for a short time to try. I should also be able to get into game tomorrow & Monday but not Sunday. If you see anyone can you ask them to try & I will do the same.

  5. Paws Arwen

    I have just entered the citadel, thank you so much Tyler. I had no idea we needed at least 5 visitors. I will remember that.

  6. Diederik22

    I knew that 5 was the minimum, but not that the citadel would be locked if you didn’t achieve that minimum
    I’m visitor 7 of this week

  7. Tyler

    Thanks for everyone’s help with this. When I worked at the citadel, which was just after Paws got in, it looked like the upkeep was met on almost everything when I left. I am sure we are good now but just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who helped out.

  8. Nano

    hi fellow Nescians, just returned form our holidays. First thing is capping 😉 I could enter the cita without any problems. I will finish capping tomorrow

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