Clan Achievements for July

by | Aug 5, 2021 | Clan achievement | 4 comments

Hello and welcome to our clan achievements for the month of July! We reached some great milestones this month! Once again feel free to add your own personal achievements as well. I’ll put mine in the comments to share. CONGRATS to everyone!!


  1. Tyler

    I think my biggest personal achievement in July was learning how to kill the new boss Kerepac. I haven’t tried the hard mode and my best time is still like 4:15 BUT I did learn the mechanics and figured things out on my own. Was a really good feeling to figure out how to do new content with no help 🙂

  2. Paws Arwen

    Thank you for this post Tyler, it is nice to see how we are all doing.
    Gratz All.

  3. Clarice

    wow thanks tyler love this monthly post and woohooo go you with kerepac thats awesome you will have to teach us lol hugggs miss seeing you on

  4. Diederik22

    Learning what and whatnot to kill in ED2 for the lava strykewyrm tasks was my learning point last month

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