Clan Achievements in June

by | Jul 4, 2021 | Clan achievement | 4 comments

Hey everyone! While talking to Paws about the best way to upload our achievements, we thought that maybe a monthly basis would work well. I included the last week of May as well since the last one ended with the DXP week.

Don’t feel shy to post about your own achievements if you would like! If anyone would like help, please let me know. Congrats to all our awesome clan mates who have been doing so well in game!


  1. Paws Arwen

    Thank you for post Tyler Gratz everyone

  2. Nano

    Such a nice overview! Ty Tyler. And Gratz to my fellow Nescians.

  3. Sigmund

    Tyler. This looks great. Much thanks!

  4. Clarice

    tyler what an awesome job you did tyvm and woohoooo grats to all

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