Clan Ranks

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Clan Ranks

I only became deputy leader a little over a year ago because I asked Christie if she needed any help as she had so much to do on new forum etc. The only way I could think of helping was with citadel & posts for that & posting about pengs.

Whilst I have felt supported by others in the past 3 months ( including Mordy by pm) I have also felt overwhelmed especially technically.

I cannot appoint other deputy leaders only the owner ( Mordy) can do that.

As things Stand we have Clan Ranks:

Owner- Mordy Deputy Owner -Paws these are seperate to Forum Roles/Ranks.

As we have active users in Europe, USA & Australia I think another Deputy Owner is desirable from either USA or Aus. I would like Volunteers/ Suggestions for another Deputy Owner. If there is more than one we can have a vote or I can put forward to Mordy to choose.


  1. Tyler

    I am willing to volunteer from USA. I am able to help with forum stuff but I do acknowledge that I only get on in the mornings (in my time) most days. So maybe someone else who is in game more might be more desirable. Regardless of who gets picked, I am still always willing to help the best I can.

  2. Diederik22

    The time difference makes it a good idea to have another deputy owner from an other timezone.

    @Tyler. The clan rank is only to do stuff in-game it doesn’t matter if you are only in-game in your morning.

  3. Clarice

    i am willing to volunteer to help in anyway but if its technical count me out lol i am hopeless when it comes to puters lol

  4. Paws Arwen

    Mordy has appointed Tyler/Yo yo as Deputy owner so please join me in congratulating him.

  5. Sigmund

    Congratulations Tyler. Thank you and thanks to Paws for taking on this important responsibility.

  6. Clarice

    wohooooo congrats tyler and thanks to all that contribute in leeping this legacy going love you all huggggggs

  7. Tyler

    Thanks so much everyone! I am happy to help out however I can 🙂

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