Combat perks and action bars

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Action bar

I use the revolution option with the ability bars and so the bars I suggest are made with revolution in mind. Maybe full manual looks the same, I literally never use it so I am not sure. Keep in mind the bar that is yellow is the abilities that get used by revolution. After that, those are only manual abilities that you can choose yourself. I have shown my full bars so you can see what I like to keep on there. Also keep in mind these are my personal bars, and may not be the theoretical best dps bars in the game.

Magic ability bar looks like the above pic for me. I only sometimes use dual wield but normally use a 2h staff. When I do use dual wield, the bar is basically the same except I swap the two abilities that have an arrow shown. One is only for 2h and the other only for dual wield. The abilities, left to right, are dragon breath, corruption blast (unlocked with a codex), wild magic (threshold), chain, asphyxiate (threshold), wrack, sonic wave, combust, and deep impact (threshold).

After those abilities I have a shield on my bar with resonance ability to be able to heal myself with. Many bosses have a good reso spot. You can also see I have linked those to different key binds so I can easily click those buttons and switch that way. The last icon is the “Eat Food” that consumes the next piece of food in the inventory. Handy to eat without bringing mouse to inventory and clicking.

Here is my range 2h bar. I never use dual wield with range, or melee for that matter, so my bar is geared best towards a 2h setup. While it should mostly work for dual wield I bet there are a few abilities that need changed out. The abilities going from left to right are Corruption shot (unlocked with codex), dazing shot, fragmentation shot, snap shot (threshold), ricochet, rapid fire (threshold), binding shot, piercing shot, tight bindings (threshold).

After the revo part, I currently have devotion with deflect magic. I was doing a lot of hardmode arch glacor and I needed that to survive one of the mechanics. After that is another threshold, bombardment, followed by an ultimate, deaths swiftness, and then the eat food ability.

Again, my bar is set up for 2h setups. I never use dual wield melee. I only ever use the spear of masterwork or the noxious scythe so I can’t say for sure how this stacks for dual wield. I will note both my manual thresholds are 2h only. Abilities left to right are cleave, dismember, slaughter (threshold), sever, assault (threshold), smash, slice, sacrifice, and fury. Once again I have a shield switch with resonance for healing, and 2 manual abilities. These are on a bar because I like to control when to use them. Quake is awesome as it reduces defence and I always try to use it first thing in pvm. When I do bosses like twin fury or vindicta, I save these two abilities for specific times so I have them on manual rather than the revolution.


Ancient invention is a huge game changer. It should be a top priority to get. For weapons the best easy perks are precise 6 and equilibrium 4. Precise 6 you get with 9 historic components and equilibrium 4 with 8 timeworn components.

I’ll go through my armour for perks I use. It depends a lot on the bosses you like to do. I’ll edit this soon for that part! Sorry it has taken a bit more time to make then I thought!

My perks cover a lot of bases for many bosses. I will explain why I have most.


Crackling 4 is my first perk. It’s a great dps perk, it zaps your target for 50% per rank (so 200% in this case) of your weapon damage. 1 minute cooldown. It does activate often and it is a nice hit to see.

Next I have biting 2. It gives +2% change per rank to critically hit opponents. Nice little dps perk again, it goes up to level 4 but requires noxious components to do so. I haven’t worked that hard on getting those, level 2 is pretty easy to get with level 3 being really quite rare.

Relentless 5 / devoted 1 is my next one. Relentless gives a 1% change per rank to prevent adrenaline being consumined when using an ability that uses adrenaline. I don’t use a lot of ultimates but several thresholds and it really adds up over a fight. Neat little perk that I love. Devoted has a 3% change per rank of being hit that protection prayers will work at 100% (so you take NO damage at all) for 3 seconds. Nice defensive perk that in this case was more of a bonus.

Scavenging 3 makes my last perk. Since my mage gear is my biggest slayer gear I went with scavenge to get some extra components. Note – it’s really good for slayer but not good for bosses. I have been thinking of changing it out since I now mostly do bossing and not so much slayer these days. It also may be of note that mage is my last tank armour – I still use my seasinger’s robes for mage. I just have not upgraded it yet because it is my least used armour.


Range is my most used style. I use augmented sirenic armour and my seren bow for just about everything I can. Sirenic is a great investment imo. It will last a while for the price you pay and has good stats. It also has the perks that are very specific to bosses.

Enhanced devoted 4 is my first one. ED takes up both slots so it can be the only perk but it gives a 4.5% chance per rank (18% total here) on being hit that protection prayers work at 100% (so again no damage here at all) for 3 seconds. I got this perk specifically for Gregorovic (sliske boss at gw2). Turns out it has been amazing to use at hm arch glacor as well! Saves my skin quite a bit actually. Any boss you need to use a protection prayer this is a great perk imo.

Crackling 4 / dragon slayer is the next one. Again with dps perk with crackling but the main reason I got this was the dragon slayer. It works at elite dungeon 2 which is the only ED I have done solo. Dragon slayer gives a +7% additional damage to dragons.

Aborsbative 2 / venomblood. Absorbative gives a 20% change to reduce and attack by 5% per rank. I mean, it’s not a bad perk at all. But the money maker here was the venomblood. Absolutely a big deal at Gregorovic. I can, combined with the ED perk, camp the most northern spot and don’t worry about the spirit he summons as it only increases poison damage. If you don’t know, venomblood negates regular poison damage. So I never worry about poison at Gregorovic boss!


I use augmented custom-fit trimmed masterwork for my melee. It is awesome in case you are wondering. On a slayer or reaper task you never lose any charges. While I don’t use melee too often either, it is very nice and my gear is only at level 11 right now but I still have 97.9% charge left!

Relentless 5 / crackling 4 is my first perk. Already covered these but I love them both and somehow got them on a gizmo together to save space.

Devoted 4 / impatient 4 are the next. We know about devoted but impatient gives a 9% chance per rank (36% here) for basic abilities to generate 3 extra adrenaline. Really adds up over a fight. These 2 together are a great combo for me to use.

Next is a biting 2 / venomblood combo. Again the big thing was the venomblood for me but biting 2 is also nice to have.


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