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Tracking starting xp for DXP I noticed that Dan’s stats were not shown so I had to find out why it happend. I found out that Dan [Moon Wood or his new  rsn Anchoroptera] has joined another clan “Gielinors Legion” on 27th October. He didn’t say goodbye, thank you or something like that.

Two days ago and yesterday he joined our fc with his new alt account Gechexxin. He gave the only reason of quiting the clan – somebody upset him but he didn’t want to discuss it. He didn’t pm me yesterday to explain anything. The situation is really weird and strange – he joined another clan but prefers to stay in our fc as well.

If you want to comment the situation please feel free to do it. Admins will take the final decision.

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  1. Janet

    If he was upset with someone, he should have confronted that person or gone through you. Just quitting with no explanation is a toddler’s reaction. I, for one, do not welcome him in the chat.

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