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by | Jun 26, 2021 | General information | 5 comments

Hey everyone,

I was recently asked about doing a possible discord server to chat on as well. I got one made for us and you can join it here: https://discord.gg/6yZkJfN6
(That link will last for one week or until July 2 roughly. If it expires just ask me for a new link.)

You can write to each other, talk with audio and I am pretty sure there is a way to share video even. I’ll add some of the discord bots for runescape to the chat and they can do various things too.

Please reach out if you have any questions. Remember this is an optional way to chat together.


  1. Mad Mordegai

    Thank you very much Tyler! I am sure some people will find it a blessing, especially in cooperative combat where you can’t type and fight at the same time, but also in general social interaction. After this long period of intermittent and for some continuous lockdown we almost all got to play with platforms like Zoom and such, so most people by now will have something like headphones and/or a microphone.
    I think you can update this post with a reply to keep people informed about the new location of the server and maybe paste a link to some kind of manual on how to use Discord in the introduction text?

  2. Nomad

    I can also help with getting on discord. I used it often with my friends during lockdown to play dungeons and dragons, and also just as a way to “hang out” and see them without actually being together. As for the discord bots for RuneScape, I know that there is a price checker, a citadel tracker and XP tracker that we would be able to use. Not 100% sure how to add them to the server, but I know people who do. Willing to help in anyway possible.

  3. Paws Arwen

    I can see the appeal for certain situations, as described, but worry about it’s impact on F/C.
    Last July a clan mate asked in F/C if there was a different chat he didn’t know about as F/C was so quiet. I said that some in F/C used discord. Another clan mate in chat at the time said he had noticed how quiet F/C was. Some who were using it didn’t take any notice of F/C.

  4. Tyler

    So, if I remember right, last time a discord was used I joined it right away. It was popular for a short while but only 2 or 3 people really used it. It did die after a couple weeks anyway. The same people who did use the discord last time are also the same people who either stopped playing runescape all-together, or switched to oldschool and don’t use the f/c anymore.

    So I guess I am trying to say the last time discord came out, even that died because most of the people using it weren’t that interested in paying attention to chats.

    I hope as we get more members the chatting will pick up again. If new members join the discord maybe a reminder that the f/c is the main chat would work? I would be happy to do that or any other ideas that might come up to make sure new members understand the f/c is our main in game source to talk.

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