DXP Results November 5-15

by | Nov 6, 2021 | Nescio competitions | 11 comments

Hello everyone and HAPPY DXP WEEK!

I will be posting our results each day as we go. I will be updating the picture here so that every day this one post will have the newest results. So far our little tracker is not doing a bad job! In the past it hasn’t been 100% reliable but I have our starting xp in case it seems to go wrong.

Day one results are here! WOW to all of the xp gained so fast! Keep it up friends!


Day 2 is off to a great start! So many of us have made some BIG xp gains! Keep it up!


Here is our day 3 results! Still a lot of xp coming in. Keep it up everyone!!! 😀


Day 4 is still going strong! So much xp from everyone and we still got six more days left! It’s fun to see everyone taking part has now gotten over 1m xp! 🙂


Day 5 results are in! Still making lots of good progress. If you need to use portables or get some core boosts, 84 is the official world but is really hard to get into. World 2 is also good but again, hard to get into at times. World 70 is the 3rd most busy world all the time and I find its easy to get into and has a LOT of portables/cores at Lumbridge.

Keep up the work everyone and don’t be shy if you need help with something! 🙂


Day 6 is looking good! Four more days to go! 🙂


Day 7 is here! We have all achieved 2m+ xp for everyone! WAY TO GO! Now we are in the finish line so GO GO GO! 😀


Day 8 going well! From this time we have almost exactly 48 hours left! In the home stretch now 🙂


Day 9 is here for the last day! As of the time I post this we have 22 hours and 43 minutes left but the good news is that we have all hit 3m xp or above! Woohoo!!
Keep skilling and don’t forget to share any extra achievements in the comment section! I can add any of those to this big post tomorrow as DXPW wraps up 🙂


Congrats to everyone for a wonderful DXP! Here are the final results!

On top of that, here are all of the AMAZING achievements we made during the last 10 days! We also know that Nano maxed all skills and Lilly got 120 herb! Two very huge goals that deserve an extra congratulations!

If you have anything else to share please feel free to put it down below! 🙂


  1. Paws Arwen

    Thank you Tyler for the update. Is Lilly sleeping at all ? lol

    • Tyler

      She must be now after getting 120 herblore! I would sure need a break lol

  2. Paws Arwen

    Gratz Lilly on 120 herb.
    Please post your goals & achievements if you wish.

    • Nano

      Just achieved 99 rc and 99 magic. So all skills at 99 or more.
      I can stop plauing now 🙂 lol

  3. Clarice

    woot tyler tysm for doing this daily grats lily and awesome job nano and great job everyone and dont you dare stop playing nano i know where you live lol huggggs all and ty again tyler

  4. Tyler

    Grats Nano! Now you get to choose a new goal like quests or bossing or 120s 🙂
    You’re welcome Clarice! I am glad I was able to help out.

  5. Paws Arwen

    Gratz on 99Magic & R/C Nano. Enjoy customising your Max Cape & don’t forget to check out the perks you can add to it. I particularly like the Dunge Teleports & cleaning full inv of herbs in one go ( although no XP awarded )
    Please don’t stop Playing there is always new stuff to do in R/S.

  6. Nano

    ty ty
    I will try to find out how to cutomise my max cape

  7. Paws Arwen

    Thank you very much Tyler for posting all the XP gains daily. Some awesome skilling everyone.
    On a personal note I gained 5 Virtual levels.

  8. Tyler

    Congrats on 5 whole levels Paws!

    I hit 117 slayer myself. I also got two new boss pets, Nymora (twin fury) and the Ascension Quintus guy. Well, one was the day before DXP but I wanted to share 🙂

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