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Forum Admin

Up to now Forum Adimistrator is Mordy & Christie & I were both editors. As far as I can tell we need to change this as I am unable to do the the technical stuff. So we need a forum Administrator & another editor I think. I think I can at least add an editor but I would prefer to have Mordy’s approval for such changes. Tyler & Jo would be my suggestions for 2 additional editors/ Forum Administrators.

I think Clan rankings are different in that they have no direct effect on the forum.

As things stand/ stood Mordy is owner & Christie was Deputy Owner. I was only created Deputy Owner last year & I will step aside if it leads to better organisation/ harmony.

They are used for Citadel Admin & Chat Admin in game. Given that we have active members on 3 continents it would be good to have someone from each continent as Owner/ Deputy Owner.

I think I can give people different ranks but maybe only up to Admin level not Deputy Owner as that is the same rank as me. There is also the admin acc go2mycc. To put someone on permanent ignore list, award bannans for new recruits &,smileys for friends.

The problem being I dont know how to do the go2mycc. So I will have to ask Mordy.

Can you all have a think about all this & please correct me if anything is wrong.


  1. Clarice

    Your doing a wonderful job thus far paws, and I agree you need help as to not get to overwhelmed, Tyler and Jo would be great…I think we need to recruit new members as the group is dwindling, we definitely need some direction and new stuff to take place after DXP, am here to help however I can ,big Huggggs paws

    • Tyler

      I think it looks good Paws. I think extra help is always nice to have.

      Very worst case scenario is that Mord does not have login info for go2mycc. If he can’t get it either, the worst thing is we make a new one and let all admins have the pass maybe. It will just take a little time but we will be able to work through it, no matter what happens

      I think Clarice brings up very good points too. Those are things we could all help with too, not just whoever becomes admin.

  2. Paws Arwen

    Ty Clarice I have copied this post from the one I made about Josh under ” Help needed”

    I will try to clarify with Mordy but as things stand atm it seems no-one ( except possibly Mordy can access the F/C ” go2mycc” account to add new members, Bananas & Smiley’s etc.

    ” Paws Arwen on May 12, 2021 at 6:01 pm (Edit)
    From a conversation I had today it may not be possible to award Smiley’s or add new users in go2mycc as we do not have access to that account at present as it was Christie who used it. Whether Mordy can gain access to it may take some time to find /sort out.

  3. Paws Arwen

    I have made Tyler & Jo both editors on the forum as they both have the skill/ ability for those roles.
    I am still trying to find out /resolve other issues especially clan ranks & access to “go2mycc”
    I’ll up date when I have news.

    • Clarice

      woohoooo congrats Tyler and Jo and tysm for stepping up to the positions

  4. Paws Arwen

    I have made Tyler & Jo Admins in Clan ranks, Clarice is an Admin & Biff is Overseer so we now have representatives of our 3 continents.
    I still do not know about Deputy Clan Owners. I know we had 2 with Christie & me. I doubt I can make a new Deputy as that is same as my rank so that ” position” is still Vacant.
    I have no further news on access to ” go2mycc” but I have discovered that I can add new members to the clan. I guess they could join our F/C but that hasn’t been tried yet & awarding of “bananas ” for trail membership or ” smileys” for friends of clan are not possible & I cannot change existing ones.

  5. Tyler

    Thanks for update Paws. I think new members should be able to join and chat in the fc just without rank for now.
    Congrats Clarice and Biff for joining the big leagues! Lol sounds like we got a good admin group now.

  6. Paws Arwen

    Clarice & Biff already held those ranks. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

    • Tyler

      Oh lol well then… Congrats on your existing ranks! Lol

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