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Hello everyone! I hope you all have had a very happy holiday! I am hoping we can have a discussion about the future of our wonderful group as we head into a new year. Paws and I have been talking and it seems like our little group has become even smaller over the past year. I will propose a couple of options and I would really appreciate any feedback. If you have another option too, please share! I have no idea how many people will see this post and reply. On the chance that there are very few or no replies, I will keep this discussion going until January 14 or 15. That gives a little over two weeks for our friends to come share their thoughts or opinions.

Option A – We continue with our clan. Our immediate issues involve not having activity so we need more members. That would involve recruiting and being active in the community to bring more members. IF we choose this option, we need to discuss: procedure to join clan (keep it same? change it up?), who will take over leadership, and who/how will we recruit. For this option to work, there MUST be a group effort available to make this happen. Paws and I cannot do this option with just the two of us.

Option B – We make a new clan. Similar to the above, but more things would need to be discussed and solved. Again, would need a big group effort.

Option C – We pick a new clan to join. Maybe getting things running again is not feasible at this time. That is OKAY. If there is not enough of us to get us back on track, I think this option makes good sense. We can find some clans that we think might be nice. We can post and share with each other and then we could all move together to another group. The pros here are that we won’t have to run anything, it would be less work and we would still get to be together.

Option D – We go our separate ways to do whatever. If you feel like this one applies to you, I won’t judge or fault you. I would really appreciate just knowing if anyone wants this option to help keep track of what direction our members are going.

So… there it is. The future of Nescio is in our hands and I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. If you need time to think about it – that’s okay! Please reply that you want more time or whatever else. If there are no replies I will assume nobody is viewing it and close it. On that note – I wish all of our members the happiest of new years! I hope everyone is safe right now amidst the craziness of the world and weather. I can’t wait to hear from all of you.


  1. Mad Mordegai

    Thank you Tyler!
    Very few people still know how Nescio came to be, since it was started before the official ‘start’ procedure was introduced. Once that came to be, Christie, myself and three more people followed the procedure to make it official.
    Just before that we were both in another clan where we both didn’t like the pressure to enter competitions between clans and the way a quite dictatorial group of players decided everything for the clan. That is why we started our own. At the time I was in severe pain 24/7 which went on for another 5-6 years. Since 2017 however, with loads of therapy and support, I’ve slowly been coming out of that situation and with that development was able to start real life again. A bit at first but over time, as I got less and less pain, I had ever less time for the clan as well. When Christie (Natalya or Natasha for friends) died on april 9th last year, I would be online in Runescape about two times per week – but spoke with Natasha every day. Now the game suddenly became also a painful memory. So now I visit even less, sometimes a couple of weeks not at all.

    Maintaining a clan takes quite a lot of work and if it’s not being put in there, the clan will slowly wither away. Events and combat parties, next to scheduled periods like DXP are all visible, but maintaining the Runescape Clan Page, the forums, contacts with other clans and a private website mostly aren’t. For the moderators online it sometimes also requires solving issues between members and discussing how to move forward with the clan and clan developments.
    There are a few quite good clans out there and with some of the ‘owners’ I used to have a really good relationship. At this time I can no longer say who is or isn’t still there but I am sure some of you may have solid suggestions as to where to go. And it may be clear that I think possibly C might be the best option. Unless someone is willing to put in a lot of hours to get things running again the way they should.

    I would like everyone to join me in applauding Paws and Tyler in supporting the clan in many ways and taking the lead as wonderfully as they did! Thank you very much!

  2. Paws Arwen

    Thank you Tyler for this post & your comprehensive assessment of the situation.
    I can see the advantages of “ C”. My only note of caution with it is would another clan “ accept” a few members from another clan in case it “ upset “ the balance of what they have. I have seen things become “ clicky” before & it may be hard to integrate. I guess we would have to put any preconceptions aside & know that things will never be the same as Nescio.
    For all the reasons stated I think it is probably our only option.

    I would like time to think things over as I am not playing as much. I wont let my membs lapse as I would never get it back for the princely sum of £3.20 pm lol

  3. Clarice

    thanks Tyler and Paws for all your hard efforts to try and keep this clan above water but yes it is a sinking ship as it stands … I would hate to lose you guys , then i thought well even if we join another clan the time difference isnt going to change so i still wouldnt see anyone anyway..i guess i see C as our best option it just saddens my heart that it has come to this but I understand if everyone goes their own way you had better not delete me on FC or i will trach you down lol and paul feels the same as me he doesnt play much now cause he said there is noone there to talk to …that part doesnt worry me as much though…

  4. Tyler

    Thank you very much to the friends who have shared so far. I know this is not an easy discussion. When I initially asked for a day to think, I think I took closer to 10 because it was such a struggle for me. I lean towards the option of C as well. Really, truly, I love the members of this group so very much. I want to be able to still chat with us whenever I can. Every time I can’t sleep and I get myself up at 3 A.M. I always wonder if I will get to get a surprise visit with Clarice! Or the days I happen to hop on at lunch, I hope I get to see Paws. I like that feeling with this group. I like that I am excited to see each other, even if that doesn’t happen much these days.

    I am hopeful that, if this is the option we choose, we can find a group together. And I agree with paws, it might be a bit difficult but if we like a group, it also won’t hurt to ask right?Anyways. Thanks again all, and if anyone else would like to share, please do!

  5. Clarice

    awwwwww tyler that honestly bought tears to my eyes …I know i am just a big softie lol but i feel the same sometimes i stay up that little bit latyer after having a nanny nap in the hopes of seeing you or paws..I do see Justin just about daily and that makes me happy, and sherry i also see daily, my only concern really is if we join another clan i dont want the screen to always be full of chat to the point you cant do what you want to do cause your to busy reading the screen incase someone talks to you and you miss it then they get the shits or think i am rude lol anyway love you all so very much you truly are like family to me huggggs to all

  6. Clarice

    g’day all i was on briefly this morning and (nomad) Josh asked me if it was true the clan was folding i said ideas are being thrown around, he said well food for thought his clan would take us all and they are a really nice group very helpful etc they are called Modest Skillers he said bossing isnt mandatory neither is citadel but they will teach bosses if you want he said its all on their forum but of course i have no idea how to get on to it lol he said when i was on this morning there were 38 members on where as we had 3 i just thought i would throw it out there hugggggggs

  7. Paws Arwen

    Thanks for the info Clarice hugs. It should be possible to find the clan on R/S forum Clan pages. I’ll take a look.

  8. Paws Arwen

    A follow up to previous post.
    I have found Modest Skillers on r/s forums quick find code 288-289-601-66131192. The clan info page shows 197 members maybe not all active as Josh said 38 ( he joined in July 2022 ) & T7 Citadel. The Citadel is not mandatory & nor are events.
    From there recruitment page on r/s forums they are worldwide.

  9. Clarice

    thanks paws huggggggs

  10. Paws Arwen

    After 10 years with Nescio I have met some great people & learned a lot from them about the game. I have loved hearing about other countries & cultures.
    People have come & gone & I can understand their reasons for doing so although I have been very sad & disappointed when people have just “drifted” away without explanation.
    The last 18 months has been very difficult for us all as a clan & in real life too.
    Increasingly over the past 6months I have found it very difficult to motivate myself in game.
    I think for those who remain option C is the favourite but to be absolutely honest I cannot see myself in another Clan. Whether I will in the future I do not know.
    I will carry on with forum posts & my clan role as long as is necessary until things are sorted.
    I value the friends & memories I have made and look forward to seeing you in game when time & time differences allow.

  11. Tyler

    HI guys *quick hugs*
    I apologize for my super delay in replying, I just wanted to let you all know I have had some internet troubles. I will be able to check all the messages this evening!

  12. Keosef

    It might be an option to pick C and leave the clan in existence on an alt, so you could have both a new clan chat and be able to access the old cc channel as a guest to message between members here.

  13. Tyler

    I think leaving the clan in existence on an alt is a great idea. I don’t know if anything really needs to be done for that, but I would be willing to do whatever to make sure that is a possibility. I think option C is my vote. Though I really understand what Paws is saying.

    Out of curiosity, has anyone checked out the Modest Skillers more at all? Checked out the chat or anything like that?

  14. Clarice

    i havent checked modest skillers i have no idea how to lol but paws if you want to stay as is i would be more than happy to stay and speaking to justin i know he would also be happy as he hates change lol only thing i feel i am missing is how to fight bosses…if i could work out the times that you are on i could see if its a possibility for me to be on even if for half hour as i miss everyone

  15. Mad Mordegai

    Inbetween I am having some issues with the servers upon among others this website is running. A migration is coming to a whole new and more secure operating system and new IP addresses for the servers. Last weekend the website was not available and it’s fixed for now. Soon though, I will have to do a migration which means this website could be blocked for a day, maybe two. If that happens, don’t panic, it will come back. The Website will remain untill there is no one left in Nescio.

  16. Paws Arwen

    I will not be making any future Citadel posts as it is now presumably dilapidating as the required no of visitors has not been met for the past few weeks.
    I am taking a break from things until I get my mo-jo back but I will keep an eye on the forum.

  17. Clarice

    g’day all paul and I just got back from a weeks holiday on the beach and had a great time although my heart was in my throat a couple of times watching paul boogie boarding and getting crushed by the waves lol he had fun, I have decided I am staying in nescio i cant see myself in another clan either…I have added josh on fb and he is going to teach me all the bosses he knows on weekends so if anyone wants to learn new bosses always welcome to come along or i can show you what i learn later on hugggggs to all i miss chatting to you all

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