Graphics Problems since 23rd Nov & 7th Dec updates

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Following 23rd Nov updates I had graphic/ Lag/Game crashes. On log in following that update & ever since i have a warning telling me to update my graphic drivers. Mine are all up to date so now I click on ignore. I followed some advice on R/S forum to change into compatability mode. You do this by clicking on ” cog” at bottom left of 1st loading screen ie before you get to the warning screen. Below the language option is Graphics Mode you can alter this to Compatability mode. I did this following 23rd Nov update & used low games graphic settings. This worked for a lot of players while Jagex were supposedly coming up with a solution.

This worked fine for me until 7th Dec Update after which my game was very very laggy. I checked on R/S forum’s & found advice to switch back from compatability mode to Normal mode & it has worked fine since then. It’s is even suggested that even if you didnt switch to compatability mode after 23rd Nov update problems to do so & then switch back to normal mode.

Terrible lag – Recent Game Updates – RuneScape Forum

Quick find code: 15-16-812-66192685 onR/S forum’s may explain how to find the compatability mode switch screen better than I have. I hope this helps if anyone is experiencing problems.

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