Blog Posting Rules

Every Nescio member registered on this website can not only read but also write posts, comments and even entire web-logs. Different than before is that there is no longer a time limit on editing your own posts, changing pictures, adding more pictures to a log or shaping the text any way you want.

This requires a bit of learning and trying, but if you just want to publish some text, it can also be as easy as clicking New Post, selecting a category it should be published under, writing what you feel like writing and clicking Publish. Presto. For this elementary posting but also for more elaborate publishing, a manual is provided. The manual opens in a new tab in your browser so you can have the manual and your new post open at the same time.

For a web-log like this one, for a Runescape like Nescio, a few rules must be agreed upon.

1. Every author is primarily responsible for the content he or she publishes.

2. Administrators and Editors will autonomously but also upon request (or flagging) make sure that a published post does not violate the Nescio Clan Rules.

3. Executable codes are not allowed. Shortcodes are disabled. However, embedded links to video, music or other audio tracks and other multimedia sources within posts are allowed.

4. Every author is allowed to edit, continue, shorten or delete his or her own posts. If this has become impossible for whatever reason, a request can be made to an Administrator or Editor to delete a certain post or all posts by the author. Orphaned comments will automatically be removed as well – or – may be converted into a new main post with the other comments persisting.

5. Authors are allowed, if they know how to, create their own page on this web log. Linking to this page however can only be established by an Administrator or editor.

6. For the creation of posts authors are allowed to use the Divi visual builder tool provided on this web log. For directions on how to use this tool, please find the Divi Elegant theme builder documentation online.

7. All rules that apply to the clan and the chat also apply to posts and comments. This means that all publications must be respectful and if in any way possible, positive.

8. If a problem arises, try to solve it in the game, in the chat or in PM to one of the Admins. If the problem concerns this blog, please notify an Administrator or Editor. If the problem concerns another Nescio member, try to solve it with that person first, discuss it with an admin second. Do in no case write about it on this web log.

9. After a while, all posts will become archived. This does not affect the results of a search, be it on keyword, author or category. This means, like always, keep in mind that what you publish on the Internet might be forever, even when it were to be deleted here.

10. Have fun!