Nescio Chat Rules

To join the friends chat, join go2mycc.

If you cannot join the friend’s chat, first check whether your friend’s list is working properly. If it is and you cannot join the friend’s chat, contact one of the admins to see if something is wrong. The friend’s chat is not closed to you, unless you misbehaved and were banned, in which case you received a message of that nature.

By joining the chat you will be deemed to have agreed to the Nescio Clan Rules and the chat rules. Be aware that luring, scamming, advertising websites, begging, rudeness and the glorification of illegal substances is as forbidden with Nescio as it is with Jagex.

The chat is to be seen as the local bar we all meet to have fun, discuss stuff and also make jokes. A sense of humor is a good thing to bring to the chat. By joining the chat you agree that people in the chat will add you to their friends list.

Chat Rules

1. Do not use the chat for mini games unless it is the clan event of the time.

2. It is not allowed to make offensive or direct sexual comments.

3. Respect is mandatory. Discrimination on any basis is not allowed.

4. Ranks are specifically regulated: do not ask for them. They will be administered as follows and only as such:
Gold star = Admin
Silver star = Chat moderator
Bronze star = Nescio full member

Three bananas = Accepted trial member after application
Two bananas = Has posted introduction
One banana = Accepted/returning guest
Smiley = Accepted friend of the clan, will not become member.

5. If any member asks for a change of topic in the chat, the request must be fulfilled – unless an administrator deems it important to continue a discussion in the chat. Do not prolong a discussion for two or three people indefinately in the chat but continue in private if you wish.

6. If you are upset about things being said in the chat of a generic nature, have the wisdom to ignore them or ask people to change the topic. Do not be silent and come with a 5 page rant later. If something concerns you, you can also pm one of the admins.

7. Be polite. Say hello when you enter. Say that you are leaving when you are and wait 10 seconds for people to wave back at you. Good etiquette is never out of place.

8. Begging is not allowed. A beggar will be warned only once. Begging again leads to being kicked from the chat and possibly banned.

9. When you break the rules or don’t follow the directions of the gold and silver stars in chat, you may be kicked from the chat. Please before returning, address the person that kicked you, especially if you do not understand why. If you do not and are not invited back in, you risk being banned from the chat.

10. The Clan Rules apply to the chat, both for members and guests.