Jack of Trades Aura

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Some mates have expressed an interest in Jot’s

There are 4 levels of this aura requiring 10, 15, 20, 25 Skills to complete in 3 hours. The aura is extendable with vis wax so can be done twice in 24 hours.

I have set out the Load out I use for the legendary JOT which is Tier 4 ie 25 skills. this can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Worn Equipment : Full Elder Divination Skill outfit, Grace of the Elves, Luck of the Dwarves Ring, Any Bow you Use.

Inventory : Any Melee weapon you use, Runes to Tele to house or House Tele Tab, 2 planks, Shamens Headress, Summ Pouch, Red Charm, Yak Hide, Wicked Hood, Air Runes, Law Runes, 1 fire rune. I gem. 1 Grimy Herb.

This is the method & route I use.

Start from any bank

1) Construction – Tele to house make item (Construction)

2) Diss item. (Alchemy) Lodestone to Ardy Farm.

3) Climb over stile (Agility)

4) Scoop Poop (Farming)

5) Colony tele to wisps, convert to energy (Divination)

6) Wicked Hood to rune altar withdraw essence & make runes (R/C)

7) Tele to Varrock Lodepickpocket guard (Thieve)

8-12) Melee Guard (Att 8), (Deff 9), (Strength 10), (Constitution 11), (Pray 12)

13) Range Guard (Range)

14) Run west to mine, Mine 1 ore (Mine)

15) Tele to Burthorpe & run to forge deposit ore, Craft Gem & make necklace/ring (Crafting)

16) Make Bar (Smith)

17) Run East & get free bird snare fro Hunt Shop. Set & Check Snare (Hunter)

18) Chop 2 wood ( w/c)

19) Run South West to Fish spot & catch 1 Crayfish (Fish)

20) Make fire (F/M)

21) Cook Crayfish (Cooking)

22) Fletch Log (Fletch)

23) Go to Summ Obelisk. Make pouch (Summ) (can buy low lvl summ items)

24) Tele to Varr square ( Magic)

25) Clean Grimy Herb (Herb)

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