Just a check in!

by | Dec 31, 2020 | About me in real life | 3 comments

Hey everyone! In the past few weeks I have gotten to see a couple of you but I thought I would just make a little update here for everyone. I haven’t been playing very much so it’s been hard to get to see more of you lately.

I’ll start by saying I am doing reasonably well right now! My mental health took a serious dive several months ago. Since then I have been rediagnosed and put on new meds, which I am happy to report are finally working for me! Having said that, I am still working on things. I have not been playing very much lately so I guess this is a heads up that you may not see much online.

I hope you all are doing great! I’ll be back online soon enough I’m sure, but until then I wanted to just check in with everyone. I also hope you all have a very happy new years 🙂


  1. Christie777

    Hey Tyler *hugs* Thank you very much for your message with warm new year wishes and I am very happy you start to feel better now. I wish you the very good New Year, health and all you might wish for yourself. It will be great to see you online any time the real life will let you to relax and play. All the best to you Tyler *hugs*

  2. Paws Arwen

    Hi Yo Yo, Thank you for your New Year wishes. I also wish you a Happy New Year & I’m glad you are feeling better. Yo know where we are, so it will be really nice to see you when you feel up to it.

  3. Clarice

    G’day tyler glad to hear you finally got everything sorted as far as your health goes, I hope you continue to feel better, hope you had a great Christmas and NY have missed you, how is lady pennington hugggggs ty for the update

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