Kevin ( Valenrye)

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I am sorry to have to tell you all but Kevin has passed away. My heart goes out to his fiance Ashley, His family & everyone that he was close to. I will post more kater.


  1. Clarice

    I am numb, shocked, upset so much that i wanted to throw RS away, Kevin was my ingame bestie, Kevins mum passed away when he was young and his aunty raised him, one day we were facetiming when my granddaughter Ariarna came down and she got on and talk to him, Keving was like slow done I can’t understand what your saying lol…Him and his fiancee were planning on getting married next year, He said to me one day I have never had a granny can i adopt you as my granny? and thats how i looked upon him as a grandson..people that dont play these games have no idea nor understand how you can get so close to someone on the game, wow I know more about some of you than i do my r/l friends..
    Sorry for being long winded on this post i just can’t believe covid has another victim from our clan…huggggs to everyone I love each and everyone of you

  2. Paws Arwen

    Thank you for this heart felt post Clarice. I didn’t know Kevin as well as you but I have been looking back at his forum post from last year when he got engaged to Ashley with that lovely ring. I can’t imagine how she is dealing with this.
    Kevin was the first person I knew of that had Covid last year & it took a long time for him to be diagnosed. His heart was damaged from it. That this horrid disease can have repercussions in some one so young after so long is unbelievable.
    I sincerely hope that it is finished with Nescio.

  3. Sigmund

    Thank you Clarice and Paws for your thoughtful comments. Clarice, I am glad to hear that you were able to forge such a meaningful bond with Kevin in the time that you had together. Life is so fragile and the best we can do is treat each other with kindness and compassion. My thoughts go out to Ashley and Kevin’s family as well as our clan mates who will miss him terribly.

  4. Diederik22

    I picked up the message yesterday in chat while i was in lobby. I’m sorry for the loss of another nescio member. Lets hope we don’t have to loose more members.
    My mom also don’t understand that i have more and intense contact with you then with some RL friends.

  5. Tyler

    Very sad news indeed. My heart goes out to his family. Thank you for letting us know Paws, I know it is hard to be the bearer of bad news.

  6. Abasrya

    I was friends with Kevin since he was in his early teens. I watched him grow from a silly child into an amazing man. I can’t imagine what Ashley and his family are going through. Runescape will never be the same for me.

  7. Mad Mordegai

    When I heared the news from Clarice and Paws I was also shocked. I was quite fond of Kevin, who was always asking other clanmates how they were doing, friendly more than polite. My heart goes out to all his friends, both in real life and here in Nescio and especially his fiancee Ashley. I can very well imagine how devastated she must be at this time. All will understand that I can also certainly feel what Abysra and Clarice are going through, since on April 9th I lost my best friend in game and one of my best friends in real life.
    If there is anything I can do to help or if you would just like to talk, please do not hesitate to send me a PM via the website or when I am in game. I will return soon.

  8. Keosef

    Thank you all for the kind words, I will pass them along to our family.
    Typing this is really difficult. He was more than my cousin, he was a brother to me. I remember us staying up past midnight because we were right on the cusp of 70 attack or range or any other goal we had. I recently got us matching pins of our early 99s, fishing for me and woodcutting for him. He was confidence incarnate and always made me feel like we could accomplish anything. It’s such a shock and the world is so much darker without him. You all meant the world to him, and I’m grateful for the love and guidance offered from you all to him over the years.

    • Nano

      really sorry to read this bad news. A lot of strength to your family. If you need some support from the real world, please let me know.
      aka Nano

  9. Riehl

    Sorry for being late to this but I’ve just returned to game. I’m absolutely gutted that we’ve lost Kevin.

    Right at the start of the Plague I lost another young friend, a really lovely guy called Long who was 32 and just married. I thought then that I wouldn’t lose another friend so young I wish is been right.

    Please know that I’ll be having a wee drink for him when I’m not taking painkillers. The usual toast for sailors of to the afterlife is Fair winds and following seas

  10. Keosef

    Wanted to come in a let you guys know how the memorial was. It was really nice and went great. We had to have one cousin remove a bit of their eulogy because too many people called him a know it all! One such story was when he asked our cousin how big the ocean was, she told him. He claimed she was wrong, so she got out the encyclopedia and showed him she was right. He looked at the book, and her, and told her, “Sometimes the encyclopedia is wrong.” Every single friend who spoke brought up how quick he was to bring people into his circle and to meet our aunt and grandma so they too could feel the love and support he knew. He was done justice in the tales told about him. The stories made us laugh and cry and smile. I thought you guys may want to hear about it.

  11. Paws Arwen

    Thank you Joseph for sharing this. I hope you all know how much we all thought of him.

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