Nescio going forward

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Nescio going forward

When Mordy built this website Christie was so disappointed at how little it was used. She would be so pleased at how much we are using it now. & at how we are pulling together to keep the clan going.

I have been re-reading all the comments made on forum under Mordy’s “Help needed “ topic and now we have had a period of reflection we need to decide whether we stay as we are a small tight knit group of friends or try to recruit new members to join us.

If we decide to recruit new members we have to think what we have to offer.

As someone said to me this morning one of our biggest “attractions” is our willingness to help each other & our friendly atmosphere.

Some have mentioned bossing or other scheduled events & while I can see the attraction I know from experince how difficult it can be to organise events. As I am not interested in combat I would like someone else to take responsibility to host bossing.

Skill weeks had not had much interest of late & that maybe because so many of us are maxed. Are there other activities that would interest enough participation ?

I now have access to go2mycc so can administer that as necessary for recruitment & Tyler has now sorted out a voting system.

I still need to find out about new members registration on forum but I would like to encourage the use of the forum for any new recruits.

I would like as many suggestions as possible for moving forward.

So please all think about what we can offer new recruits & we shall see where we go from here.

I am doing a separate post on organisation & ranks so I would also appreciate comments on that.

I failed to notice 2 posts on R/S Clan forum page at the time. Once we have decided our way forward I will put a post there accordingly.


  1. Sigmund

    Paws, I am glad you posted this because I wonder if we have the capacity or even interest in attracting new clanmates. The benefit of clan growth is that there will be more people around to chat with in game. The down side of growth is that new members need to b monitored to ensure that they are a good fit with the group.

    Having this conversation is a good first step. A helpful second step is to update the clan contact information posted on the rs forum.

    Here is our clan description on the RS forum:,289,17,63449043

    The post concludes with the following contact information.

    “If you feel the same way ‘We’ do, and you fulfill the requirements, please post an introduction on the Nescio forum board to get to know us, or join our friends chat or clan chat whenever it is open to guests!
    (friends chat: go2mycc)-(pm in game Mad Mordegai or Christie777) – (clan chat: Nescio)”

  2. Diederik22

    We never did a lot active recruitment, but staying with the small group we now have is not good/recommended.

    When we actualize our contact info the right people will find us.

    For now the clan is too small and most are maxed that finding stuff to do together will be hard, but for now i don’t see this as a problem to have no scheduled activity.

  3. Tyler

    I think we need to recruit more members for us to keep going. I think the biggest hurdle will be the initial wave of new members. It will be hard to retain new members when our chat overall is not very active. But I do think we have to try. I am in favor of not doing scheduled events for a bit, until we get more active.

  4. Nomad

    We definitely need something to spark some life back into this. 9/10 times I log in to the game, and there is either nobody on, or people sitting in the lobby. I understand that there are time differences, but even when people are on, its only 3 or 4 at the most. I am willing to bet that in total, there are only 7-8 people who actually log in anymore and its at different times.

    I am a huge fan of scheduled events. That was my favorite part of this clan when I first joined 7-8 years ago or however long its been now. Of course having more members would make the events more fun, but I think it would be easier to start with a smaller group and leave potential for growth. Like for bossing, I believe there is a player limit anyways.

    Skill weeks are honestly obsolete at this point until we start getting new members who are not maxed. At least for me, I’m not worried about 200m xp in a skill. However I would participate if there were people doing it lol.

    I think it all comes down to needing new members, maybe lightening up on the requirements to allow for less experienced players would be helpful in the recruitment.

    I hope we can bring new life to this clan though because it surely hasn’t felt anything like it once was for a while now.

  5. Clarice

    yeah i agree with josh, i miss the banter there is hardly anyone on anymore the only people i seem to see is joh, josh , sherry dan and paws if i am not to tired to stay up friend is still wiling to teach us nex he is just waiting for all the events to stop like beach and then dxp lol…I am all for recruiting as josh said we need some spark back in the clan we have gone flat and of course with good reason hugggs to all

  6. Paws Arwen

    Thanks for all the input. I will try & pull suggestions together over the weekend & summarise what we have thought about.

  7. Sigmund

    The consensus seems to support an effort to increase the size of the clan. I believe that we have a lot to offer and would all benefit from increased membership / more company on the forum.

  8. Sigmund

    Hmmm. I hit something and accidentally submitted my post… anyway…

    Rather than debating why we should recruit or if we should recruit, I suggest we consider how we should recruit.

    If memory serves, I joined the clan when I happened to look at a clan vexillum planted in Edgeville. Mordy then reached out to me and told me about the clan and invited me to join the FC. Game playing is kind of my alone time and I had no intention of joining a clan so Mordy must have given me quite the sales pitch. The reality was that I liked the idea of an adult focused skilling clan. I signed into the forum and introduced myself and Christie took me for a tour of the Citadel.

    There are a few takeaway points to this story.

    1. If you want to attract new members, you may need to be prepared to introduce the clan to potential members.

    2. If you find yourself skilling in a busy area, you may want to plant the clan flag (vexillum). A potential recruit can read the vexillum and will either friend you, follow the link to the clan description and join our FC, or you may receive a notification that someone looked at the flag and you can reach out to them in game.

    3. Keep an eye out for new people joining FC and engage them in conversation.

    4. (@Tryler) are non members able to post introductions on this site? Do we have a designated section for introductions with instructions on what information the person should provide?

    There are people out there that are looking for the sense of in-game community that we have created, we may need to go out and find them.

  9. Tyler

    Thanks so much for the post Biff. It is actually hugely (is that a word?) Helpful. I was just talking to Paws about the best ways to recruit and was thinking the vex might be a good idea. I am really happy reading what you wrote about it being pretty effective. As we are now in DXPW this would be a great time to put them out! I will try my best to remember while I skill.

    As far as #4, I will be honest and say I am not sure. I will make it a priority this weekend to figure that out with a couple other things so that we can be prepared for any new members. I will reply here again when I get some more info 🙂

  10. Sigmund

    Tyler. Glad to help. I’m off to a baseball tournament in Maryland. I’ll put out a vex when I’m skilling next week. If anyone is able to strike up conversations with potential recruits, please let us know. Be persistent, these things take time.

  11. Tyler

    Alright so here is the initial update. Non members can not post on the forums. In fact you can’t really do much without an account. I don’t think these forums will be the very first thing someone sees; I think the rs forums or our friend chat would be more likely. If we get anyone interested in the clan, any admin should be able to create an account on here for someone. Anyone is welcome to send me a PM and I can create it. I have not asked Paws if she feels comfortable doing that too. I don’t see this as a big deal though, we normally ask new people to hang in the friend chat before officially applying anyways if I remember right. I think between the admins we can get someone set up within a day or so.

    We do have a category for introductions. It does not currently have anything in it right now, but it does exist. I could set up an example if that would be helpful.

    I set the vex up today and checked that out. If you want to set your own vex up somewhere, it would be a good idea to turn your private chat to “on”. it looks like there is an option for someone looking at the vex to easily add you to friends list. That doesn’t help though if they can’t send you a pm lol.

    I really like what Biff said about letting everyone know if you do find someone interested. That will help us all keep an eye on our chat and be looking out for them!

  12. Paws Arwen

    I see some good suggestions.
    Up to now I have found that in the past we have had 3 main areas of recruitment. Namely via R/S Clan forum ( I found my intro on page 36 lol)
    Via Vex & Via recommendation from a clanmate.
    So we need to look at all 3 of those.
    I can’t find a way to alter Mordy’s post with original contact details. I will therefore make a short explanation after last post & give new contact details.
    Placing the Clan Vex while skilling can help recruit players so unless you are in combat please consider placing Vex. Bearing in mind other worlds it may be worth hopping to another world & placing vex for a period.
    I will alter my habit of having all chat set to friends only in case we have any interest.
    Please be prepared if you see new names in F/C to offer them a warm welcome & direct them to our Nescio forum

    Please keep any suggestions coming in we are reading & considering all opinions.

  13. Paws Arwen

    Also please remember what we found with Nescio, a warm welcome place to call home & offer help, advice & a good place to hang out.

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