New Skilling Boss

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G’day all

Was wondering if anyone would be interested in doing the new skilling boss, they say its best to go in with a team of 8 you have to do wc mining fishing and hunter two on each i am guessing , one of the rewards is a seed bag which would be awesome, Thanks


  1. Tyler

    I very much am interested. It sounds like groups of 4 can also work it just takes a little longer as you collect double the materials. My problem with group bosses in general is that I have a hard time committing to a specific time to play. Having said that, I would love to try to do this boss.

    I have heard the 2600 total level world works well. I will try and let everyone know. There is also a group bossing world but when I checked last there wasn’t anyone doing games.

    This boss has a lot of rewards I would love to have. The skilling weapons, the seed bag, even the t90 tank armour 😛

    • Tyler

      A little update – the 2600 skill level world is working great in public encounter. Done 11 kills already this morning. Watch a guide before you go in, that helps a lot!

      This might be handy if we want to go together but don’t have enough people all at once. Bring super restores – they are very important. If your stats drain too much you get kicked out. Also cinderbane gloves and wep poison can help deal more damage to the core.

  2. Clarice

    tyler what do we wear it says elite skilling armour is good but where do u get it from? for instance when i catch an impling it says i have all the trapper fragments i need to make outfit but when i go to invention and click skilling outfits it tells me i have unlocked them all? i cant find where or how to make them, sorry for being a dummy lol soooo much to learn if this bloody game it does this old girls head in sometimes lol huggggs ty

    • Diederik22

      I think you made the parts in the past and “destroyed” them and need to visit the diango store to find them

  3. Tyler

    You really only need the elite outfit for the resource you like to gather. I am still working on my woodcutting outfit and I usually woodcut. I bring my crystal hatchet with perks, and cinderbanes. It says they patched it but I still see poison damage happening lol. Just not as much.

     Without the elite outfit, or any outfit, I have no issues gathering resources fast enough. And I think wc is the slowest one too. I’m sure it helps a bit but it is by no means a requirement.

    The basic tactic – pick a resource. Gather some of it! If on world 48 the instances usually have ~18 people so 10 resources are enough. The boss periodically sends spores or fairy rings at you. Just move. Literally step off anything the boss sends. Run counter clockwise and deposit at statue. That one already full? Go counter clockwise to the 2nd statue for that resource. Once made, restore them. But don’t pray until you get an event to remove the fungus by the core. That event adds an insane amount of points. If you pray too early, that event does not happen. Without that event I usually average 80 participation points. With that event I get 170-200 points. The more points, the more rolls for loot you get I believe.

    After you do a few games a few things are like clockwork. For instance, in the beginning at 17 seconds or so a red spore will drop around you. At 13-14 seconds, move away from your spot to a different spot to avoid it all together. The next thing the boss sends is always a fairy ring. A cloud forms at your feet while the ring slowly forms. If it forms all the way you are teleported somewhere else in the arena.

    At about 2:05 in the fight, the boss sends a blue spore thing. at 2:10 you want to use anticipation as the boss sends down a special at 2:13 or so that will stun you. At 2:20 you want to be near the fungus spawn. After a few games you see where it always spawns and go right next to it. That helps to get the most points. After you remove that, pray at the statue then work on the inside core. If all 4 statues are prayed at together, you have plenty of time to kill the boss in one go.

    If you have access to crystal mask it now has a special effect that will prevent croesus from lowering your stats one time. Its a great safety net to have. If you do daily store runs and get souls from other bosses, the cost is pretty small. Bring super stat restores – these are a MUST. I carry 5 or 6 flasks filled and will last me over an hour. Also bring protean logs to remove one of the events.

    I hope that helps. I can make a video soon if that would be helpful to see all of this in action. Once you do a few games it becomes really simple!

  4. Clarice

    thanks tyler i will give it another go i am a bit think but once its in my head how to do it it stays there lol just takes a bit to get it right in my head, but ty your post is very helpful hugggs

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