pauls bat plants

by | Jul 23, 2020 | About me in real life | 4 comments

our white bat plant just testing this post will post more if it works


  1. Christie777

    Clarice and Paul, thank you for sharing these nice pictures *hugggggs*

  2. Paws Arwen

    Yay Fur Babies hugggggggs
    I looked up the Bat Plants after chat & they are awesome, Just not a sawesome as the Fur Babies lol

  3. Mad Mordegai

    Mhm posting photos is a lot easier here 🙂
    Cute puppies! As for the plant… I only do plants you can eat or eat something of, I am sure you can eat this plant too but if it is tasty…. I wonder….

  4. Clarice

    we plant things we can eat also but paul finds it very satisfying to grow something of great beauty

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