Penguin Hunt 10th -16th Feb

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Some have asked about doing a group Penguin Hunt. This can be difficult to arrange due to time Diff’s. I am happy to do on Saturday between 15.30-17.30, If you wish to join or wish if possible to do at a diff day please PM me in game/ on forum.

Suggested Tele Device or Item needed Penguin Spy Device & Tele Runes.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum
1 Points
1) Draynor Manor Crate in Manor nw room Draynor Lode
2) Northwest Ardougne Bush in Ardy castle South wing Ardy Lode/ Tele Runes to Ardy
3) Ice Mountain Rock in Falador farmhouse Explorer ( Cabbage patch ) Ring
4) Zanris at otherworldlies Portable Fairy Ring
5) Barbarian Outpost Bush at raft spy over fence Game Necklace

6) Elf Camp Toadstool trapped at hunter area Elf Quiver/ Elf Lode/ Priff Lode
7) Dragontooth Crate trapped on island Ectophial & Ghost speak amulet
8) Ape Atoll Barrel outside town roaming Ape atoll tele including bannana Monkey gre gree ( other methods poss)
9) Castle War Rock at Yanille south wall Yanille Lode
10) SW of KBD rock in Lava maze Wildy Sword tele to herb patch/ Canoe to Widy
12) Ape Atoll Barrel roaming south of town As above

Bear at Falador south gate
Circus at Taverly


  1. Christie777

    Thank you very much Paws hun for posting this week penguin locations *hugs*

    Circus is free ticket event this week. 🙂

  2. Christie777

    Mad Mordegai wrote:
    “Again today is the Tuesday before the Wednesday reset, so please check if you have done the Penguin Hide&Seek, sent Meg on her adventuring excursions and defeated Skeletal Horror & Agaroth for the magnificent black pearls full of bonus xp. The circus is located North of the Taverley POH portal. Finally: If you still need hunter, herblore or farming xp, it may be worth chasing down all 13 different jadinkos for a nice pack of bonus xp in one of these skills!” Please don’t forget Herby Werby D&D. Circus is free ticket event this week.

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