Penguin Hunt 7th Apri 2021

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Some have asked about doing a group Penguin Hunt. This can be difficult to arrange due to time Diff’s. I am happy to do on Saturday between 15.30-17.30, If you wish to join or wish if possible to do at a diff day please PM me in game/ on forum.

Suggested Tele Device or Item needed Penguin Spy Device & Tele Runes.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum Penguin Locations spotted on World 60 on Wednesday – 7th April 2021
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1)Lumbridge Toadstool in Draynor manor nw room Draynor Lode
2) Lighthouse Rock trapped on island Light house Tele/ Games Necklace to BA
3) Eagles’ Peak Bush last at Jade Vine Tele Runes to Ardy/Ardy Lode
4) Dorgesh-Kaan Barrel in Ne room south of entrance Lumbridge Lode ( light source needed/ Dorgesh Khan Sphere
5) Wizards’ Tower Bush at Fally farm Explores Ring to Cabbage field/ Port Sarim Lode


6) Tyras Catapult Toadstool traaped in catapult area Elf Quiver /Boat to Tyras
7) Mos Le’Harmless Barrel last northwest wall Ectophial to Port Phas then boat/ Fairy ring
8) Miscellania Bush at Etceteria castle Spirit Tree To Etceeria/ Luck of Dwarves to Misc. Fairy Ring
9) Elf Limestone Rock trapped in area Elf Quiver to Elf Camp/ Elf Lode/ Exit Priff past guards
10) North of Nardah Cactus in swamp east of Sophanem Pharoah Sceptre/ Magic Carpet to Soph, water needed
12) Lava Maze Rock (wildy) will spawn in lava maze on any world Wildy Sword to Herb patch/ Canoe to wildy

Bear at Rellekka well
Circus at Cooking Guild


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