Penguin Hunt Locations 16th Dec- 22nd Dec

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Some have asked about doing a group Penguin Hunt. This can be difficult to arrange due to time Diff’s. I am happy to do on Saturday between 15.30-17.30. If you wish to join please PM me in game

Sussgested Tele Device or Item needed Penguin Spy Device

All will be snowmen apart from ghost

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum
1-Point Penguins
1) KQ Lair Cactus in House south of Sumona in Pollivenach Slay Ring or Magic Carpet
2) Eagles peak Bush last at ardy castle south wing Ardy Tele/ Travel Runes
3) Feldip Rock In Yanille south wall Yanille Lode
4) Wizards’ Tower Bush in Draynor Manor NW room Draynor Lode
5) Lighthouse Rock trapped on island Lighthouse Tele/ Games Necklace

6) Desert TARDIS Cactus in swamp east of sophanem Pharoh Sceptre/ Magic Carpet
7) Miscellania Bush last in Etceteria castle Spirit Tree / Luck of dwarves ring
8) Neitiznot Rock in town Rele Lode
9) North of Nardah Cactus inside Nardah herb shop
10) Mos Le’Harmless Barrel last roaming outside of town Ectophial/ Port Fairy Ring
12) Canifis Bush Need latest Penguin Quest¨in Fenkenstein castle Canifis Lode

Bear in Rimmington
Circus at bridge to WIZARD tower


  1. Christie777

    Thank you very much Paws hun for postinmg this week penguins locations *hugs*

    Circus is free ticket event this week 🙂

  2. Christie777

    Mad Mordegai wrote:
    “Again today is the Tuesday before the Wednesday reset, so please check if you have done the Penguin Hide&Seek, sent Meg on her adventuring excursions and defeated Skeletal Horror & Agaroth for the magnificent black pearls full of bonus xp. The Circus is located South of Draynor Village, near the bridge to the Wizard Tower. Finally: If you still need hunter, herblore or farming xp, it may be worth chasing down all 13 different jadinkos for a nice pack of bonus xp in one of these skills!” Please don’t forget Herby Werby D&D. Circus is free ticket event this week.

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