Penguin Locations 12th May -18th May 2021

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Some have asked about doing a group Penguin Hunt. This can be difficult to arrange due to time Diff’s. I am happy to do on Saturday between 15.30-17.30, If you wish to join or wish if possible to do at a diff day please PM me in game/ on forum.

Suggested Tele Device or Item needed Penguin Spy Device & Tele Runes.

RunW60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum Penguin Locations spotted on World 60 on Wednesday – 12th May 2021

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds – RuneScape Forum 1-Points
1) McGrubor’s Wood bush Trapped in woods Fairy ring ALS /Seers Lode
2) Castle Wars bush Yanille north wall Yanille Lode
3) Sawmill Crate trapped in Lumberyard Sawmill Tele/ Wicked Hood to Earth Altar
4) Smoky Well cactus in house south of sumona Slay Ring
5) Musa Point crate in Capn Arnavs hut south of Brimhaven docks Cath Lode then boat to Brim/ Spirit Tree to Brim

6) Jatizso bush trapped in NW tower in town Rele Lode then boat to Jatz

7) Lunar Isle rock roaming Lunar Lode
8) Northern Sophanem cactus roaming Pharoahs Sceptre/ Magic Carpets
9) Lletya toadstool roaming in town area Elf Quiver/ Crystal Tele
10) Canifis bush in Slayer tower Ring of Slaying
12) Mort Myre rock in Fenkenstein castle Canifis Lode

bear in Faldor well at south gate
Circus at Edgeville


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