Penguin Locations 1st -7th September

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If anyone would like to join me for Penguins pls pm me in game. Please bring Penguin Device & Tele Runes & other Transport Modes as required.

W60 Find Pen T6 – PVP, Minigames and D&Ds –

1. Entrana barrel trapped at chicken pen spy over fence
2. Mudskipper bush trapped on boat east of sarim lode
3. Barbarian Outpost bush
4. Lighthouse rock trapped on island
5. Mage Arena bush at Mta garden

6. Canifis crate in fenkenstein castle
7. Southern Sophanem cactus in Ne temple
8. SW of KBD rock (wildy) in lava maze
9. Mos Le’Harmless barrel trapped on east wall in town
10. Piscatoris crate in Ardy castle south wing close door
12. Neitiznot bush trapped on green island North of town

Bear – Ardougne well, at player-owned farm

Circus – Al-Kharid


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